10 Things About Me…


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I’ve been having fun participating in the 10 in 10 Blog Hop with the iHomeschool Network. And, while I missed the last two weeks, I’m picking back up today with 10 Things About Me. {I’ll try to catch up after the series and catch the two topics I missed.}

So, have you been dying to know all my little secrets?  The secret is that I don’t really have any biggies. I’m kind of a what you see is what you get gal. But here goes, ten things about me…

I am not a morning person.

I mean, I’m really not into mornings at all. When I asked the kids what I should include in this list, Trevor and Molly both said that I should tell you all that you should not talk to me {or expect breakfast} before I’ve had a couple cups of coffee and a shower. Um, and they’re right.




I’m a night owl.

This goes along with number one, but it bears saying. If you’re hanging out online at night and into the wee hours {like 2am}, you might find me chatting it up on Twitter or be able to get a quick reply via email. I keep trying to change my internal clock, but the fact remains that I’m just more productive {and nicer} late at night.

Writing is my passion, hobby, and job.

If you are new around her, you might not know that I’m a writer. Sure, you obviously know that I blog, but you might not know that I’m a freelance writer and author too. I write books for kids and teachers {homeschoolers use them too!}, textbook chapters, worksheets, posters, educational board games, and other materials used in schools, libraries, and with kids everywhere.  I’m working on a few eBooks, several nonfiction picture books, a chapter book for kids, and a couple of other projects. Besides writing books, I speak about writing at schools, conferences, and other places. There are so many great aspects to my job!




When I’m nearing a deadline, you want to steer clear of the house.

I really do have the best family in the world, especially when I’m working on a book deadline. I can {ahem} be a bit of a procrastinator, and get myself in a jam where I’m down-to-the-wire when a project is coming due. {Shhh… don’t tell my editors!} It’s during these times that the house becomes a cluttered mess, dishes pile up, school work gets skipped, and meals are made by my 5 year old. We get through it every time, but it’s not pretty.

I love books.

When we were first married, I told Brian that if I was ever faced with the choice between living my life without him or without books, I’d have trouble choosing. Probably not the most romantic thing for a newlywed to say to her husband, but there you have it. Books of all types and genres are as important to me as the air I breathe. Picture books, chapter books, adult books, kids books, eBooks, and any other type of book – they’re here and taking over my house.




I am a lifelong learner, and pray my children will see themselves that way too.

Books are just one way I learn. I love to experience new things, travel, and play with my kids, soaking in experiences. I encourage you to see yourself as a lifelong learner, too. It’s liberating to consider yourself still learning – now you don’t have to know all the answers.

Experimenting in the kitchen is one of my favorite things to do.

Years ago, while searching for ways to help Trevor with his hyperactivity and impulsivity without resorting to drugs, I learned a lot about the physiological effects of food additives. Since then, I’ve worked hard to eradicate artificial colors, flavorings, and other additives from my family’s diet. I grind wheat to make my own bread now. I bake muffins, cookies, and other treats from scratch. I look for ways to cook real food, all the time.

I hate the dishes.

Really… I loathe cleaning the dishes. This makes it very difficult for me to love cooking. Which I do, but I’m conflicted because one of my favorite things to do causes me to have to do my least favorite thing. {Sigh…} Thankfully, my husband does not loathe the dishes. In fact, Brian doesn’t mind the dishes at all, and he hates to cook. So, we’ve had a deal for pretty much as long as we’ve known each other. I cook all meals, and he does all dishes. I can even leave the dishes that the kids and I use during the day, and he’ll take care of them.


Brian and Colleen


I love my husband.

Brian is perfect for me. He is exactly who God created to walk by my side on this Earth. He supports me in everything I do, and I can be a risk taker. I make lots of mistakes, cost us money, burn “experimental” meals, lose my temper, and melt down, but he is always there to hold my hand, hug me, and lift me up in all I do.

I am blessed.

I have an amazing husband, crazy kids that keep me laughing and on my toes, a fun job that fits my passions and challenges me daily, and great friends.




That was fun… So what else do you want to know about me? Any surprises?