Every Book List You Will Ever Need For Your Homeschool!

lists of books for homeschool

Sometimes, we just need a little help finding the right books for our homeschool. This compilation of book lists is essentially every book list you will ever need all in one place!     Book Lists For Every Month Of The Year Great Books To Read With Your Kids In The Month Of January Great Books To Read With Your Kids In The Month Of February  Great Books To Read With Your Kids In The Month Of March Great Books To Read With Your Kids In The Month Of April    Great Books To Read With Your Kids In The Month Of May Great Books To Read With Your Kids In The Month...

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The Ultimate Guide To Using Games In Your Homeschool


One of the best ways to help our children practice and retain what they are learning is through games. Adding games to our homeschool has helped my kids understand different topics and better engage in the learning. Plus, it's a lot more fun. This compilation of lists of games for learning is essentially every game you will ever need for your homeschool, all in one place!     Games For Your Homeschool By Subject Top 25 Board Games For Homeschooling Nature Themed Games Your Kids Will Love Amazing Science Games For Your Homeschool Great Geography Games Learning With Games ...

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What This Homeschool Graduate Wants You To Know

homeschool graduate

  In this very special episode of The Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast, Colleen is joined by her son and recent homeschool graduate, Trevor Kessler. It is a candid look back at more than a decade of learning together, including how Trevor really feels about being homeschooled. If you are a homeschool parent, this is an episode you do not want to miss!       A Homeschool Graduate Looks Back On More Than A Decade Of Learning At Home What becomes clear in speaking to this homeschool graduate, is just how much homeschooling has allowed him to pursue his own interests and...

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When Your Homeschool Day Doesn’t Go As Planned

homeschool day

When your homeschool day isn't going the way you want it to, what do you do? I'm going to be honest and tell you that what I do is often the exact opposite of what I know I SHOULD do. Take last Thursday for example...     I was tired and had been up much of the night with my sniffy, allergic, and sneezing youngest son. There were a lot of work things I needed to catch up on, and my younger two just weren't cooperating with anything. Especially school! I should have put away my work for a bit, cuddled up with those two and a good book on the couch and reset the day - maybe even...

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Finding Homeschool Community (for our children and ourselves)

homeschool community

 One of the challenges of homeschooling is finding a community that works for your child's needs and interests. In this episode of The Raising Lifelong Learner Podcast, Shawna and I talk about the reality of finding a homeschool community for our children and for ourselves.      It's been a year of change for my family.  One of the most notable differences between our homeschool now and our homeschool just 18 month ago is the lack of any real community. There are a variety of reasons for the loss, but the truth is, I find myself starting all over again in finding...

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Homeschooling High School Isn’t Something To Fear

homeschooling high school

It seems that everywhere I go - conventions, local co-ops, online forums - homeschooling moms are worried that they're not going to be able to handle homeschooling high school "when it really counts." But what does that even mean? Who decides what counts? We do. I promise. Really and truly.     Your Homeschool Belongs To You Sure, all states have varying levels of requirements, but your homeschool is really yours. You and your child can decide for yourselves what it is going to look like. Here's the thing - your homeschool doesn't need to look like anyone else's. It doesn't need...

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A Different Kind Of Family Togetherness: Ideas and Encouragement For Connecting With Our Kids

A Different Kind Of Family Togetherness: Ideas and Encouragement For Connecting With Our Kids

   Do you want more for your family? Do you have bigger dreams and a desire for deeper relationships with your kids? Join Colleen in this encouraging and practical conversation with Celeste Orr, from Togetherness Redefined. They discuss creating meaningful connections with our children and sustaining a deeply satisfying family life.      Ideas and Encouragement For Connecting With Our Kids In my family, we are together more than we are apart. While I cherish the time, I often find myself feeling like I've missed opportunities for deeper connection in favor of the...

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When Your Child’s Giftedness Is Disguised

Giftedness Disguised - Misunderstood Mislabeled Misdiagnosed

School was going to be amazing for my son. I just knew it. He was a thinker. A tinkerer. A doer. He loved learning and had an insatiable thirst to know everything about everything. Always asking questions. Always starting a project. Always wowing those he met with his big thoughts. And then school -- and the talks -- started.   Talks with teachers about how to get that active thinker to sit still and just focus, for goodness sake. Talks about assessments. Labels. Diagnoses. Medication. And I was lost and despairing. It didn't matter that I had spent the better part of a decade...

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The Best Advice I Can Give You: Become A Student Of Your Child

student of your own child

 One of the best pieces of advice I give a parent is to become a student of their child. To really pay attention and discover what your child is interested in, passionate about, or wants to explore further so you can use that information to design the best homeschool ever. In today's episode, we revisit a conversation with Andrew Peterson all about how to practically become students of our children. You will also find all of our best resources for becoming a student of your child below.      How do I figure out my asynchronous child? Where do I start with interest led...

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Why Unit Studies are Ideal for Interest-led Learning

unit studies

Curiosity sparks learning. It lights a fire that drives us to dig deeper and learn as much as we can. Unit studies allow us to take full advantage of that curiosity and use it to fuel all kinds of learning.      Why are unit studies ideal for making the most out of your child’s interests? Because unit studies incorporate multiple subjects with a central theme. For our purposes, the theme is whatever we’re curious about or interested in at the time.  Do your kids love Harry Potter, Bear Grylls, or video games? Then get ready to discover how unit studies can help you...

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