Homeschooling A Child With Dyslexia: It’s More Than Reading

homeschooling with dyslexia

Homeschooling a child with dyslexia has it's own unique challenges and opportunities. The more we learn about dyslexia, the more we understand that educating a child with dyslexia is about more than just reading. In this episode, we talk with Marianne Sunderland, She has been homeschooling for 26 years and is considered an expert in helping children with dyslexia. In fact, seven of her eight kids have dyslexia.       When your child struggles with reading, it can dominate your homeschool. Whether or not your child has a formal dyslexia diagnosis, there are some key...

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Homeschooling A Gifted Only Child

profoundly gifted child

There are always challenges and advantages when you’re homeschooling. If you’re homeschooling just one child, you often face unique challenges and concerns. For example, teaching social skills can be more difficult with only one child.  When your only child is gifted, well, that comes with its own awesome advantages and new concerns.      So what’s it really like to homeschool a gifted child? Keep reading to get the scoop on what has made it challenging. Plus, some of our favorite advantages and success stories while homeschooling a gifted only child. Homeschooling One...

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Homeschool Planning For Kids: Helping Your Child Get Organized

homeschool planning for kids

Every year about this time, we begin to plan for and discuss our upcoming homeschool year. It's like a homeschool mom annual ritual. But what about our children? Homeschool planning for kids is a helpful skill to develop and is essential as our children graduate and move into the world.  In this practical and down-to-earth episode of the Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast, Colleen and Shawna discuss the ins and outs of helping your child plan their homeschool days, weeks, and months.      Homeschool Mom Planning For most of us, homeschool planning just comes with the...

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The Best Books for Teaching About Executive Functions Skills

The Best Books for Teaching About Executive Functions Skills - Raising Lifelong Learners

It is incredibly difficult to watch your child struggle when it comes to planning, staying organized, and regulating their emotions. When we witness this struggle, as parents, we know there has to be a way to help them find not only tools, but tools that really work. It is so important to hone in on those skills because they affect every part of their lives. Managing time, making decisions, and controlling emotions are just a few executive function skills that can be improved, with a little help from these books.     The Best Books for Teaching About Executive Functions Skills...

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An Excellent Way To Add Travel To Your Homeschool

travel and your homeschool

Educational travel  is a wonderful way to foster learning. Are you looking for ways to add travel to your homeschool? This is an excellent option!     The summer before I began high school, my parents saved up enough money for me to go on a field trip to Washington D.C. with my eighth grade gradating class. I am the eldest of four children, so I knew they had to sacrifice to allow me the opportunity. I was absolutely thrilled.  It was a better investment than they could've known. The week was one of the absolute best of my childhood. We saw Lincoln's Memorial and The...

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Nurturing Your Gifted Toddler

gifted child

In this episode of The Raising Lifelong Learner's podcast, Colleen addresses a common concern - the uncertainty of parenting and nurturing a gifted toddler.   The pediatrician looked up from his checklist and asked, "how many words can she say?" and I kind of looked at him funny. "It's okay if she's not saying a lot right now. She's only 18 months, so don't panic. Language will develop over the next few months and years." He smiled reassuringly, and I stammered, "No-o-o-o-o. It's not that. I just don't think I can actually count the words she can say, so I'm not sure how to...

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Books With Quirky Characters

books with quirky characters

My kids are quirky, which I love. They're so wonderfully unique and never boring, always saying and doing unexpected things and livening up any room they walk into. Lots of gifted and twice-exceptional kids are quirky, differently-wired, with fun personalities and idiosyncrasies and delightfully different characteristics.  As much as we celebrate our kiddos' quirks, however, it can be tough for the kids to bear when they're young. They know they're different, and often this can lead to struggles with self-esteem, trouble making or keeping friends, and feelings of isolation. Since our...

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Helping Anxious Children And Their Siblings

Helping Anxious Children And Their Siblings

Colleen answers a frequently asked question today on the Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast: How do you help siblings understand when one child has anxiety? This episode is all about helping anxious children and their siblings.      Anxiety and Gifted/Twice Exceptional Children We all experience anxiety at some point or another.  Worrying and stress is a natural part of being human.  Anxiety is also quite common in the world of neurodiversity. For gifted children and twice exceptional kids, worrying and stress can be intense and overwhelming, Among profoundly...

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7 Executive Functioning Activities for Small Children

Executive Functioning Activities for Young Children

The basement was a complete mess. Boots, coats, scarves, and hats were strewn all over the floor -- right next to the shelves and hooks on which they belonged. When I told my kids to bring their things to the basement, I wasn't specific enough, I guess. I didn't help them scaffold and build their executive functioning skills and so, while I was frustrated, it was mostly with myself.     What is Executive Function? The official definition of executive functions is that they are a set of processes that have to do with managing oneself and one's resources in order to achieve a...

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Twice Exceptional Children And Homeschooling: What It’s Really Like

twice exceptional kids

There are a lot of misconceptions about twice exceptional children and homeschooling. In this episode of the Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast, Colleen shares what it's really like to homeschool a twice exceptional child, both as a gifted education specialist and a homeschooling parent.      Twice Exceptional Defined Twice exceptional is the label given to kids that are identified as gifted and also have a learning difficulty of some sort. Some may have learning disabilities, anxiety issues, Tourette Syndrome, ADD with or without hyperactivity,...

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