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Not Knowing Everything Makes Me a Better Homeschool Parent


You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule, I’m sure. Usually it means that 20% of the people in an organization do 80% of the work, but it means something different to a homeschool mom. To homeschool parents it may represent the 80% of people who declare they could never homeschool compared to the 20% of people they meet who are genuinely interested. In most homeschool circles, the 80/20 rule could stand for the amount of time the kids are socializing (80%) versus the amount of time spent in workbooks at home in solitude (way less than 20%).  In my house, the 80/20 rule works for the...

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Out of This World Astronomy Finds

homeschool astronomy

One of the most beautiful features of our new home has been seeing the night sky away from city lights and pollution. What my kids once always knew as dark has since become brilliantly illuminated with stars, constellations, meteor showers, and sometimes even planets! And since homeschooling offers us the flexibility to learn whenever we want, it's perfectly acceptable to head outside after bedtime and spend time star gazing. An astronomy unit is always great fun, whether you're looking for a way to incorporate science with a reluctant kiddo or have a space nut who just can't get enough....

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RLL #90: Cultivating Creative Writers with Celeste Davidson

RLL #90: Cultivating Creative Writers with Celeste Davidson

  Many of our brilliant and out-of-the-box quirky kids have vivid imaginations, and are true storytellers with the desire to create fantastic tales of their own. We can help these take shape by encouraging our kids to create their stories and by giving them the tools to be successful. In this episode, Colleen speaks with Celeste Davidson, author and professional writer-educator of Bardsy, a unique virtual community where supportive members gather to enjoy, create and share stories while also gaining access to interactive courses and tools to build their writing skills. Links and...

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Everything You Need To Homeschool A Child With ADHD

homeschool a child with ADHD

When we began our homeschooling journey more than a decade ago, I suspected my son had ADHD. I was worried and in my concern, I often asked other homeschooling moms about their kiddos and their homeschool days. The more I asked, the more conflicted I felt. He's just being a boy! Don't worry so much! He'll grow out of it. It seems like everyone is labeled ADHD these days.     Looking back, I can see they were trying to encourage me. I know they were well-intentioned. But the truth is, I often felt like homeschoolers were the least likely to even accept ADHD as a diagnosis, much...

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Fun Language Arts Additions

language arts

As a writer, I don't hate language arts. While I didn't always know this was what I'd do, I was always engaged during language arts class and had a deep love for reading, writing, and, to my friends' dismay, correcting grammar. But having always been so comfortable with language and writing, it can sometimes slip my mind that not all of my kiddos are naturally strong or drawn to it. In fact, some of my kiddos are bored by it. Maybe you've got a bookworm whose love of words bleeds over into a comfort with language arts. Maybe you've got a reluctant writer or a kiddo who is in such a...

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RLL #89: Helping Our Gifted Kids With Social and Emotional Struggles

RLL #89: Helping our gifted kids with social and emotional struggles

Around here, we define "differently-wired kiddos" as either gifted (higher than average intelligence) or 2e, meaning some neurodiversity in addition to being gifted.  With higher ability and processing come social and emotional challenges; in other words, quirky kids do quirky things!  Today, Colleen discusses some of the specific social and emotional needs our gifted kiddos may have and how we can help and nurture them through these struggles. Links and Resources from Today's Show: Sponsor: Bardsy (free writing template printables in addition to the free Reader level for RLL...

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The Anxious Parent of the Anxious Child | Your Anxiety is Not Identical


I have three kids. Two are boys, and one is a girl. Two have blue eyes and one has green. Two are currently in public school, and one is homeschooled. One is a sensory seeker, one is a sensory avoider, and one is just sensory stimuli personified. My oldest looks just like my dad, and my other two are pretty much identical, despite being 3 years apart and different genders. As an only child, seeing the differences and similarities in my kids has been fascinating. It's so interesting which genes chose to take the spotlight and which are hiding behind their counterpart. The fact that the...

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Books With Quirky Characters

books with quirky characters

My kids are quirky, which I love. They're so wonderfully unique and never boring, always saying and doing unexpected things and livening up any room they walk into. Lots of gifted and twice-exceptional kids are quirky, differently-wired, with fun personalities and idiosyncrasies and delightfully different characteristics.  As much as we celebrate our kiddos' quirks, however, it can be tough for the kids to bear when they're young. They know they're different, and often this can lead to struggles with self-esteem, trouble making or keeping friends, and feelings of isolation. Since our...

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RLL #88: Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Kids with Jim Delisle

RLL #88 Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Kids with Jim Delisle

  This week, Colleen has a conversation on the social and emotional needs of gifted children with Jim Delisle, her graduate school mentor and one of the nation's foremost experts on raising and teaching gifted children.  Jim Delisle is an accomplished author of numerous books and has been a professor, teacher and speaker on behalf of gifted children for over 40 years. He has a keen insight into how these children "tick" and shares solid advice on how parents can help them grow into their very best lives.   Links and Resources from Today's Show: Sponsor: College For All (Use...

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Awesome Extras For an Immunology Study


We love falling down rabbit holes around here, diving deep into topics and interests inspired by either current events or specific hobbies. Differently-wired kiddos thrive when they're given the freedom and opportunity to engross themselves in what excites them, in ways that are outside the box and intended to instruct through multiple senses and avenues.  What better time than now, in the midst of a global pandemic, to jump into an immunology study? The opportunity to capitalize on current news, educate during times of misunderstanding and fear, and to even offer a sense of control...

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