100 Ways to Tell Your Kids You Love Them

100 Ways To Tell Your Kids You Love Them

We had a tough day last week. The house was a wreck. Dishes piled up in the sink. Rice from the rice bin was scattered everywhere. And the kids’ room… oh my. The floor was covered – pillows, blankets, used pull-ups, stuffed animals, trash, LEGO – you name it, and it was somewhere on that floor.   I sent the girls in to clean, and told them that they needed to get it done, and then we could play. They worked well for awhile, but then it deteriorated. By the time the day was over, the house was mostly clean, but we were all frustrated and angry with each other. There may have been...

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Anxiety vs. Stress vs. Perfectionism: Helping Our Children Cope

This new series is all about homeschooling a child with anxiety. Today, we kick it off with a discussion of the differences between stress and anxiety, as well as the impact of perfectionism on our gifted children.       Anxiety is a topic that comes up often, especially when we're raising neurodiverse, gifted and twice exceptional children. These kids struggle with big worries, and we want to make sure that we're aware of it. This helps us recognize any signs of it getting worse so that we can be proactive and help our kids before it becomes debilitating. I don't say...

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Growing Gardens with Kids (includes free printable garden journal)

Growing Gardens with Kids - with Free Printable Garden Journal

Growing gardens with kids can be a lot of fun. We’re currently babying some seeds of our own as the kids are excited to grow their own salad garden this summer with the seed pods we started earlier this spring. While we wait for the seeds to sprout and be ready to plant in the garden outside, I wanted the kiddos to think about how they’ll arrange their plot of land.     Thank goodness winter is finally over – we can get outside every single day and go hiking, visit our favorite nature center, plant fairy gardens, and harvest our own vegetables. The seed pods we used are...

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Navigating Summer Learning With Gifted And Twice Exceptional Kids

summer learning

Summer is just around the corner. Navigating the summer months with your gifted and twice exceptional child can bring on a new level of challenges. These ideas can help.   Are you a family who sticks with a more traditional homeschool schedule where you start in the fall, go all the way through spring, and then take a couple months off in the summer? Or are you a family who schools year round? Maybe every day you do something small to keep yourselves going. You toss in projects, field trips, and excursions throughout the year, or maybe you keep a more strict schedule.  There are...

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Why Community Is So Important For Gifted And Twice Exceptional Kids

community for gifted and twice exceptional kids

A strong community is important for homeschooled kids, especially if they're gifted or twice exceptional. This is why it matters so much and how you can find the right community for your family.      Thirteen years ago, when we first started homeschooling, we didn't know any other families who homeschooled. There were a lot of homeschool blogs. There were websites and books that talked about homeschooling.  But we personally didn't know anybody who homeschooled. We came into homeschooling because school wasn't working out for our kids. It was not a situation that was...

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Not Knowing All The Answers Makes Me A Better Homeschool Parent


You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule, I’m sure. Usually it means that 20% of the people in an organization do 80% of the work, but it means something different to a homeschool mom. To homeschool parents it may represent the 80% of people who declare they could never homeschool compared to the 20% of people they meet who are genuinely interested. In most homeschool circles, the 80/20 rule could stand for the amount of time the kids are socializing (80%) versus the amount of time spent in workbooks at home in solitude (way less than 20%).  In my house, the 80/20 rule works for the...

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Perfectionism And Gifted Children: What You Need To Know

perfectionism and gifted children

Gifted children often struggle with perfectionism. It can affect all aspects of their lives in significant ways and requires understanding on the part of parents and educators. Here is what you need to know about perfectionism and gifted children.    The Link Between Anxiety And Perfectionism What is perfectionism? Is it anxiety? The answer is yes and no. Perfectionism isn't in anxiety disorder, but perfectionism can cause anxiety and anxiety can cause perfectionism. Perfectionism isn't just striving for excellence. We want our kids to want to achieve. I'm not talking about them...

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The Power Of Reading For Gifted Children: Advanced Readers And Social Emotional Learning

reading for gifted children

The power of reading and story for all children is undeniable. The power of reading for gifted children is extraordinary. Even if your gifted child is not an advanced reader, there is an important place for reading in social-emotional learning and development.       All this month in The Learners Lab, we are focused on the power books and reading for gifted and twice-exceptional children.  How To Help Advanced Readers It is not unusual for a gifted child to excel in reading. Many of our kids are precociously reading early and are reading anything in their path....

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Smart Kids Still Need Help

smart kids still need help

Parents, teachers, friends and mentors… let’s talk. We have a generation of brilliant, gifted, amazing kids who are having (and are going to have) significant crises over the next days, weeks, and months. These kids, the ones we’ve nurtured and shuttled from enrichment activity to enrichment activity, are struggling.   Not academically. Not really. Emotionally. Socially. Existentially. Personally. And they don’t know how to deal with it. These are the kids with the big emotions, the big ideas, the 8-year-olds who are going to change the world, the 10-year-olds who have already gained...

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Homeschooling Our Gifted Children: The Power Of Artful Questions

inquiry based learning

We've been talking about this month about ways to to make our homeschooling experience exceptional for our gifted children. Today, our focus in inquiry based learning - how we use artful questions to help our children dynamically learn.        Artful Questions And Interest-Led Learning Inquiry based learning is more than just asking your kiddos about what they want to learn. In fact, inquiry based learning is a lot like on an ongoing conversation that facilitates learning.  It begins with being a student of your child.  Notice what they're enjoying. Notice...

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