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Free Resource Friday: Math Sites for All Ages

Welcome to Free Resource Friday! I’m really excited to share this feature with all of you – teachers, homeschoolers, and parents – who are looking for another way to make learning fun for your kids. For the last two years I’ve been working hard to compile an anthology of fabulous FREE resources available to enhance learning. The result will be released by Prufrock Press in April! Over THREE HUNDRED pages of resources organized by subject and checked and rechecked… for YOU!And… so you don’t have to wait until April to start using some of these great resources with your kids, I’ll be...

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The Little Things

You know, when I first started thinking about homeschooling I lived in a constant state of fear… Would I mess them up? Would we all hate each other? What am I going to do surrounded by kids ALL day? (This one despite the fact that I taught public school for TEN years – surrounded by kids ALL day!)And then some funny things started happening… I call them “side benefits” to this big educational decision. Things that don’t really have much to do with academic learning but have a lot to do with learning about who we are. We could suddenly sleep a little later because there were no buses to...

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Sweets of the Season

One of our favorite things about a new snowfall is the prospect of a treat we don’t get to enjoy too often… snow ice cream! This frugal (yet YUMMY) sweet snack can only be made from fresh, clean snow, so you need to make sure you act as soon as the snow accumulates to a nice level. First, bundle your little ones up, hand them a food-safe bucket or large mixing bowl, and let ‘em loose in the yard. Tell them to gather as much clean (not walked on) snow as they can and bring the bucket inside. You might want to hide the bucket before certain toddlers eat all your fresh, clean snow before you...

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