Raising Problem Solvers

Raising Problem Solvers

Children are born problem solvers – from the very beginning. Think about those first steps or the moment your little one first rolls over or crawls – oftentimes those milestones are a result of your kiddo’s efforts to get something he or she wants.     We...

Cool Gifts for Geeky Moms

Oh! This is embarrassing… I’m so sorry, but the Geeky Moms Gift Guide isn’t ready and will be here very soon. In the meantime, please check out any of these:               &

A Field of Poppy Gifts | Poppy Jewelry

When my friend Cait sent me a hand-crafted poppy necklace for my birthday, I went down a rabbit hole and found so many amazing pieces of poppy jewelry that I can’t decide which I love best. I think it’s the poppies bracelet with the red and turquiose on...