Cheap Wireless Plan for Large Families



Several weeks ago, we were given the opportunity to try out one of the unlimited plans offered by Walmart Family Mobile. It’s one of the lowest priced rate plans around, and a great option for large families. Did you have a chance to check out our shopping trip in May? If not, take a look at our Google+ album now.


Cheap Wireless Plan via #cbias #shop #FamilyMobileSaves


The first line starts at $40 a month and each additional line is only $35 each month. When looking for the best wireless plan for a large family, Walmart Family Mobile should definitely be considered. It’s super-easy to keep track of your account online – something this busy mom really appreciates.

We used the phone as a third one for our family. Trevor is almost eleven, and wants to be able to stay behind with friends after co-op or stay at his grandfather’s house overnight, and would prefer to stay at home occasionally when I run up to the grocery store with the girls and baby so he can finish his school work in peace. While it would be great for him to have a phone to take when he heads to a friend’s or my father-in-law’s, it’s not absolutely necessary as the adults that are with him have phones of their own.


Cheap Wireless Plan via #cbias #shop #FamilyMobileSaves


And, while our house is surrounded by homes with wonderful neighbors who are home all day and love our kids, we don’t have a land line anymore, so I can’t call and check in on him if we get tied up for any reason. There is an alarm system that calls directly to police, fire, or paramedics, but up until now there hasn’t been any way to call out.

Though we’ve toyed with adding another phone line for him, we chalked it up as unreasonably expensive.

Until now.

For less than the cost of the data plan Brian and I currently use, we can have three smart phones with unlimited plans from Walmart Family Mobile. Talk about cheap wireless plans!

It’s really working out for us, and we’re seriously thinking about switching all of us over to Family Mobile services once our contract with Verizon is up next year.


Cheap Wireless Plan via #cbias #shop #FamilyMobileSaves


The biggest problem we’ve encountered is keeping Trevor from getting too possessive of the phone. The T-Mobile Concord Smartphone is cool, and makes him feel grown-up, but we are really careful to keep our kids from growing up too quickly. The phone is technically a family phone, and is left behind for babysitters and given to whichever child is heading to a friend’s house.

We’ve downloaded some free apps like “Where’s My Water?” and make sure that all three of the kiddos take turns playing it. All of them have a chance to use the camera and make phone calls on it.

I’ll admit, though, it’s much nicer to go grocery shopping during the day now. I sneak a text to my neighbor across the street to keep an eye on our house, load up the girls and baby, arm the alarm system, and go to the store where I can drop the girls off in the “Eagle’s Nest,” a play area. I get to shop at a calm and leisurely pace with just Isaac in his wrap {and he usually dozes off before I leave the produce section}.

Trevor, who is terrified I’ll retract the privilege of staying home, typically gets through more school work in the short amount of time I’m gone than he does when I’m sitting at the table next to him. He usually calls or text once while I’m gone – just because he can.


Cheap Wireless Plan via #cbias #shop #FamilyMobileSaves


But it’s really a win-win. We get a cheap wireless plan with unlimited text, talk, and web, and Trevor gets a little freedom and the feeling of being a big kid.

If you haven’t had a chance to look into Walmart Family Mobile as an option for your family, I highly recommend it.

What kinds of special privileges do you give your kids as they begin to crave “growing up?”








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