Free Resource Friday: A Game A Day

Free Resource Friday: A Game A Day


Free Resource Friday


I love words… Part of that likely comes from my love of reading, and the fact that I make my living writing. My poor husband. Brian has put up with nearly 2 decades of daily grammar and word usage corrections. (But he loves me anyway…)

If you like words like I do, or want to like them more (or want your kids to think they’re fun), check out today’s FREE RESOURCE:




When you click on the link, you’ll go to the main page where you choose either level one or two. Once you choose your level you’ll see a calendar for the month (though when I went today, January 2012 was still up) and clickable links embedded into the calendar.




The picture above shows the icon for a game called Thesaurus Rex. Each month a featured word can be found by clicking on the link. Kids (or adults) can play a game to find synonyms for the word. Why not feature the word as a family, too. Attempt to use it (or its synonyms and antonyms throughout the month and “catch” each other’s vocabulary prowess?