Free Resource Friday: Free Kids Music

Free Resource Friday: Free Kids Music



Free Resource Friday


I love finding great music to share with my kids… old time music, folk music, country, rock, contemporary Christian, and fabulous, quirky stuff written with silly kids in mind.

Educationally put, music is important for a kid’s cognitive development. I typed “music and kids development” into Google and instantly had access to over 620 MILLION hits. From articles and studies that show that kids who are exposed to music early in their lives scored higher on intelligence tests than kids who were not.

And that’s where Free Kids Music comes in. The amazing creators of this site contacted some of their favorite children’s artists and asked if they’d offer some of their music FOR FREE DOWNLOAD… and they did!




From traditional classics like the ABC Song, This Little Light of Mine, and The Wheels on the Bus to new and quirky songs like Tic Toc by Lemonsquare and If I Was a Fish by The Plants… this site has something for everyone.

Check it out when you have a chance – you won’t regret it! When you do, stop back and leave a comment. I’d love to know which songs you loved, which artists you liked the best, or if you followed some of the links to artist sites to find more of their songs.