Free Resource Friday: Games and Activities

Free Resource Friday: Games and Activities


Free Resource Friday


“Mom! I’m bored!” Don’t you just hate that? Like they don’t have three-hundred-thousand toys each, yet they can’t find a single thing to do when you’re not right there holding their hand or directing them…

This week’s resource is two-fold. The other day I pinned a fabulous idea from Mama Jodi on Pinterest. (You are scoping out Pinterest, right? Let me know so I can follow your boards! Feel free to follow mine.)


independent play jar 


Mama Jodi over at Meaningful Mama has a wonderful tutorial on how she and her girls created this great menu of independent play choices to use when they couldn’t choose what to do. I haven’t made mine yet, but I was thinking… what about making TWO?

One for independent play and one for fun, hands-on things we could all do together? We have a list on chart paper of independent activity choices from awhile ago that I can pull ideas from for a jar like Jodi’s, so I started looking through my files for some together games and crafts and remembered this resource from my upcoming book: Fun-Attic.



Fun-Attic carries unique sporting goods like giant balls and the FlingSock (a beanbag attached to a nylon tail), but the best part of their site is the FREE games list.

Included on this list are games that can be played with simple, inexpensive, every day materials likely found in your garage or basement right now.

The list also includes great recipes for things like peanut butter play dough, goop, slime, homemade sidewalk chalk, edible finger paint and more.

There are so many fun thing to do here, you should be able to compile a great collection of independent and together activity choices… and may never hear those dreaded words again!

I’ll let you know what I came up with as soon as I make my jars. Stop back and comment if you come up with an idea, too. Thanks for the creative craft, Mama Jodi!