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I was thrilled to receive an email from ETAHand2Mind a few weeks ago asking if I’d be interested in testing out and reviewing some of their new homeschool curriculum materials. Thrilled because that’s just a really fun email to open, and ecstatic because ETAHand2Mind {formerly ETACuisenaire} is a company I already knew and loved from my teaching days!

I have been happily ordering and using products from this educational company for over 15 years {and have been secretly drooling over this cool tool for my science-loving family} and am so excited to be able to introduce you all to their new introduction to the homeschool curriculum market.




Looking over their new homeschool catalog, I spent {in my head, wistfully} my homeschool budget several times over. Those of you who have been reading this blog awhile are well-aware that my family is comprised of active, hands-on kids and parents. To be honest, active and hands-on is how I taught as a classroom teacher, and it’s what I write about. I think all kids benefit and learn better when they are engaged and involved in their learning.

One of the greatest things about homeschooling is being able to take my kids’ need for movement and tactile experiences, and integrate them throughout our day. My kids like game-, toy-, building block-, and manipulative-based learning. The Home Team Advantage Math Toolkit that ETAHand2Mind sent us to try out fits into our philosophy perfectly.

The picture above shows what is included in this six-week program. Each of those fabulous manipulatives is used to play a different math game. We received a double-sided geo-board, pattern blocks, tangrams, decahedra dice, color tiles, Cuisenaire rods, measuring cups, and fraction circles, along with a parent book, student book, VersaTiles answer case, and a handy backpack. Awesome!

ETAHand2Mind Review 1

The Home Team Advantage program is a perfect summer or “between grade level” break from your regular curriculum. Or, if you have a kid that is feeling burned out by math, this is a great way to rejuvenate the love of numbers. The parent book begins with a comprehensive overview of each included manipulative and its use, then outlines a 4 day a week, for six weeks calendar that can be started at anytime.

Trevor adores the structure of each day’s lesson. We begin with a manipulative-based game, followed by a quick skill-practice worksheet, and then finish off with a VersaTiles “quiz.” Seriously, VersaTiles are the secret to this program’s appeal for kids. In the collage above, I included a series of pictures of Trevor working on the VersaTiles. Kids use the tiles to answer review questions, placing them facedown based on the number shown, then close the answer case, flip it over, and compare the color pattern with the answer book. {Do you see Trevor clapping for himself? He asked me to include a quote from him, “These VersaTiles are the best thing ever. You all have to let your kids get them.” How is that for an endorsement?}

What I like about the VersaTiles is that if he messes up, he has to redo the entire 12-question quiz because he can’t easily tell which one he missed. An easy way to sneak in repeated practice for the kid who loathes repetitive activities.

Take a few minutes to look around ETAHand2Mind’s online catalog and familiarize yourself with all of the fabulous resources, games, and activities available. Then come back, because they have generously agreed to give one lucky reader your very own Home Team Advantage Math Toolkit – grade level of their choice! Use the Rafflecopter entry form to enter, but come back often because you can earn an additional entry each day if you tweet the giveaway again.

I’m really looking forward to helping you get to know this wonderful company, and hope to have new products and resources to share soon. Good luck, and have fun with your hands-on learning this summer and beyond.

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Disclosure: ETAHand2Mind sent me a 3rd Grade Home Team Advantage Toolkit free of charge in exchange for my review. You can rest assured that every opinion I write on this blog is mine, and is written with complete integrity.