Keeping Them Busy… Tray Play for Little Ones


Tray Play


We’ve had a busy week, and needed lots of things to keep Logan busy so I could get the others caught up a bit in some other subjects. So, I pulled out some of her favorite toys, set them on trays in the middle of the floor, and let her discover them…


Stacking Blocks

Melissa and Doug Nesting Blocks


Fisher Price Snap Dolls

Fisher Price Snap Dolls


Pattern Block Puzzles

Pattern Block Puzzles from Confessions of a Homeschooler


Dr. Suess Felt Board

Felt Board and Dr. Seuss Felt Pieces


I used these trays a lot for Molly when I first started homeschooling Trevor. She loved them, and looked forward to seeing them each morning, but I haven’t brought them out too often for Logan. I usually keep her with us at the table because she tends to throw things around the room when we stop paying attention to her.

When she came downstairs, she was really excited to see her choices spread out for her. She ran straight to the snap dolls. These are her current favorites, and she’ll change their outfits, brush their hair, and have them talk to each other for long periods of time. This time was no different:


Combing Snap Doll's Hair

She started brushing her doll’s hair, then realized her hair needed a good brushing…

Then she moved onto dressing her. This is a fun toy… but it’s also fabulous for developing fine motor skills.

Dressing the Snap Doll


Building towers is SO fun! Logan will stack just about anything, knock them down, then build them again, and again.

Building a Tower

Stacked Up High

Down Goes the Blocks


Since we needed a little bit of “school” stuff in there, I put some pattern blocks and a great puzzle on one of the trays. Logan LOVES puzzles – the more challenging the better. I was really surprised with how well she did. She plopped herself down and worked it right away.

Pattern Blocks 2

Pattern Blocks


Finally, Logan moved onto her felt board. She’s just discovering this, so she’s not really acting out stories yet… she likes to stick the pieces on the board and take them down with a sweep of her hand. She loves to count them as she puts them up, too. I think she’ll get lots of great play over the next few years. I didn’t catch her in action, but got a nice shot of her finished board as she read her Tag Junior books. Reading is her ultimate favorite activity.

Finished Felt Board & Tag Books


While this post isn’t Earth-shattering or ground-breaking, it is a reminder {to me, too} that you probably have lots of things around the house that you can pull out to engage your little ones. Hold back some of them so you can make them “new” again on a day that you really need some time to get something else done.

And if you’re short on time, and need to buy yourself some… there’s always technology:

Technology Time