Are you looking for problem-solving practice to increase critical thinking skills in your elementary-aged kids? Want your kids to practice different types of problem solving strategies so they have the confidence to tackle any problem they come across? 

This activity book is your answer! 

Math Problem Solvers will help you teach your kids to tackle any math problem!

Word Problems to Enhance Mathematical Thinking Skills

Use a multitude of math skills to solve problems, puzzles, and logic riddles. The problem-solving strategies addressed in this book include drawing a picture, looking for a pattern, guessing and checking, acting it out, making a table or a list, and working backwards.

Each strategy is presented in a separate chapter and includes a description and practice activities specifically designed to address it. One chapter includes mixed practice so kids can choose the strategies they feel would solve the problem most efficiently. Using interesting and engaging challenges and puzzles encourages your kids to become mathematical thinkers and expert problem solvers.

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