Last weekend we got the email that the orchard we usually visit to pick strawberries was ready to go, and despite the heat, we braved the trip and came home with over 37 pounds of berries! Mmmmm! I love the chance to spend time as a family, doing something that will bless each of my berry-lovers, and having them know that they can contribute to our family’s table in a real way. Most worked hard. {Ahem}, little Logan, however, says that she “ate all” of her berries. The evidence is all over her face and shirt:


Strawberry Picking


It was so special to be able to do this on a weekend so that Brian could join us, too. Trevor especially appreciated hanging out with Dad:


Strawberry Picking


That first day we made homemade strawberry ice cream in my favorite summer kitchen gadget, our Cuisinart ice cream maker. We made amazing strawberry shortcake the next day, and continue to snack on strawberries, dry them in the dehydrator, and freeze them for smoothies and dessert later in the year.


Strawberry Desserts


Don’t you love summer?









Colleen Kessler

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