Our Schoolroom 2012-2013


our schoolroom


A few weeks ago we moved. Those of you who have moved with small children know that it can be a bit really chaotic. It has been. Part of the chaos stems from the fact that we moved into what I’ve dubbed “The Teeny-Tiny House.” It’s small.

Really small.

Right now, our family of five {with the sixth on the way} is squeezed into a 790-ish square foot two-bedroom on a cute little lot with some adorable twin four-year-olds next door. Incidentally, they’ve been such a blessing because they lure all three of our kiddos outside all day, every day. Video game systems have stayed hidden in their boxes and we’ve decided {for the umpteenth time in our marriage} to forgo cable television. Nobody misses them. They play and play, until filthy, fall into the bath and bed.

In a few months, we’ll have had a chance to finish the attic-to-third-bedroom conversion that had been started but never finished, and Trevor will have his own palace in which to sleep and spread out his considerable LEGO collection.

We’re enjoying the challenge though, of learning to utilize every bit of space we have. {Just so you can get a bit more perspective, we “downsized” from a 3500-square foot home to this cute place. There’s a good reason, and we still own the house, but are renting it to some friends who needed a place in the school district we left. I’ll fill you in on that story in another post.}

So, here we are, schooling for our first time without a schoolroom. {In the past, we’ve used the basement playroom and the dining room.} Actually, we’ve been in a different situation each year, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this works for us.

The majority of our schoolwork will be done around the kitchen table. The eat-in area of the kitchen is small, but we have an IKEA bookshelf that serves the dual purposes of being part pantry, part homeschool storage:


IKEA Shelf


The eat-in area also has a nice built-in shelf until that serves as homeschool and snack storage, while the wall next to it holds our bulletin board, whiteboard, and We Choose Virtues poster:


built in and boards


Our workboxes fit snugly in front of the window:




Finally, we set up a little girls-only area in the teensy entry way so we can work on our calendar and the girls can act out stories with their felt board or read to their dolls:




Other supplies, toys, and learning games are scattered throughout the house in the family room, bedrooms, and the playroom we fashioned in the basement. We’re still working on our organization, and know that it’ll be a challenge as we get into our lessons since we don’t have as much room to spread out as we once did, but we’re looking forward to making the most of the space we have and living, learning, and loving together.

How about you? Are you blessed to have a room completely dedicated to your homeschooling efforts? Or do you school wherever you land? Tell me about the arrangements you making for getting things done during your school year. I’d love to hear from you.

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