Are you looking for news ways to get your kids interested in math? Trying to overcome math phobia or your child's love-hate relationship with numbers? Do your elementary-aged kiddos love picture books and read alouds? 

If you've answered yes to any of these questions... we have the perfect solution to your math troubles. 

By pairing picture books with math concepts, Picturing Math makes mathematics come alive for even your most math-phobic kids.

Hands-On Activities Connect Math & Picture Books

Engage and excite your math haters with the activities in Picturing Math, a unique book that uses picture books to teach elementary-aged kiddos math concepts. Each activity in this book focuses on a popular children's book. It gives you fun lessons that relate to the math concepts explored in those fabulous picture books. Subjects covered include problem solving, geometry, measurement, algebra, and probability.

Your kids will love doing math with these exciting activities!

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