We’re on the hunt to add a cell phone to our household, and want a cheap wireless plan in order to avoid raising our bills too much. A few years ago we cancelled our house phone because we found that we were only using our cell phones, and the only calls that came through the house phone were sales calls.


Searching for the Best Wireless Plan for a Growing Family


Now though, we’re finding a few instances here and there that it’d be nice to have a third line.

So, when I was offered the opportunity to try out a new service, I jumped on it. I wanted a chance to see if the program would work for us so that we could possibly stop our current service when the term was up and switch over.


I’ve been blessed to try out the Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Plan with a new T-Mobile Concord Smartphone for the next four months. Trevor is thrilled that he gets to be one of the main testers for this program.




While I’m not an advocate of giving my ten-year-old {or any kid} expensive smartphones, there have been a couple times where it would have been nice to have another phone to give him to take to a friend’s or my father-in-law’s house.

If we’re going to add another phone to our plan, though, we need to start looking somewhere other than our current program as we spend a lot of money each month on phones with our current plan and I’m not sure about adding another line on.

This Family Mobile Plan from Walmart seems like it might be a good option. I’m interested to see how it works out as, if we decide to switch our services over permanently, I’d need some of the speed and apps I’ve come to depend on with my iPhone and Verizon service. As a work-at-home, homeschooling blogger and freelance writer, I rely a great deal on my phone.

Having a reliable phone service that allows me to check email and use the Internet, allows me to take my kids on adventures and homeschool them while still staying connected to editors and my research. When I first began freelancing, before adding homeschooling to the mix, I had a babysitter who came to the house for 15-20 hours a week. While that was great, and allowed me to keep specific office hours, I love the flexibility that now allows me to answer an email about a new book project while hanging out at the science center with my kids.




If I didn’t have that ability to connect, I’d be forced to stay at home near my computer during the rest of the world’s working hours so I didn’t miss out on assignments.

Over the summer, we have several mini trips planned, and it will be nice to have an extra phone along with us in case Trevor wants to go off with his friend’s family. He’ll still be able to get in touch with us. We also plan to use the new phone when we got out for some date nights coming up. We can leave a phone home with the kids and sitter, and all of our numbers will be programmed in.

Honestly, if the phone lives up to its name of Smartphone, I may be able to be convinced to switch. With the Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Plan, I can hook up additional lines as I need them, can cancel at anytime, and can add more power or extras with a simple $10 purchase. To learn more about these options, check out my shopping trip via my Google Plus album.

Activation was simple, and I’m excited to try this phone out with my family over the next few months. I’ll check in during the second week of June with a post about how this phone and service is working out for our family. In the meantime, you can learn more about the services and phones Walmart Family Mobile offers at their website or on Twitter by following the #familymobilesaves hashtag.

What about you? Do YOU have a separate home line? Or do you have an extra cell phone that your babysitters or kids can use if they need it?