Stuff We Love: Inchimals

Stuff We Love: Inchimals


Lately, I’ve tried to buy toys and activities that can be fun, teach something, and that work for more than one age group. We are running out of space – so the toys NEED to do more than one thing!

Enter… Inchimals by Fat Brain Toys. The brains behind the puzzles, Evelyn B. Christensen, is amazing. I’ve wanted to buy this product since I first saw a mention of it on her website.




We LOVE this! When you open the box, you’ll reveal the super-cute animal rods. From the inch-long ladybug to the foot-long giraffe, the colors and graphics are adorable. Each rod has a side marked with lines representing inches, another with a colorful animal, and the ends are marked, too. One end has domino-like dots and the other has numerals.




As soon as we opened ours, all three kids swarmed into the family room. (Sorry for the grainy photo– It’s kind of retro, though… ‘70s-ish)


inchimals 3


Then, after giving them all some play-together time, I took the older two away for another activity and let little Logan have them to herself.


inchimals 4


And she had so much fun with them. Her favorite activity was making an “animal train” with them.

What’s really great about these animal/number rods is the variety of things you can do with them. Addition… “What two animals equal the penguin?” Measurement… “How many inches long is the tiger?” Ordinal numbers… “Which animal is third?” (After putting them in order by size.)




To make this little set even more appealing, it comes with a set of dry erase math puzzles to solve. The puzzles are comprised of equations and questions like the above. Molly is already planning on making this her math “curriculum” for awhile! (Good thing she’s taking care of it—that’s one less kid for me to worry about teaching!)

Check them out—I highly recommend these fun number toys!