Need a way to get your kids excited about science? Want some short experiments, demonstrations, and brainteasers to have at-the-ready for slow days, or new starts? Science puzzles and activities develop critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills. Are you thinking that you'll never be able to come up with great ideas yourself? Don't worry... We've got you covered.

Super Smart Science is jam-packed with 180 days of brainteasers and activities, ready for you to use right away!

180 Days of Science and Critical Thinking Fun!

Super Smart Science provides just the answer you need for engaging your kids in science activities. Use the 180 days of activities, critical thinking challenges, and mini-experiments in this book to draw your kids into the fun of science learning.

The real-world science activities in this book focus on the nature of science, life science, earth science, and physical science. Super Smart Science makes science exciting for all kids by introducing them to the scientific properties all around them. This book is perfect for anyone looking to increase enthusiasm, grab kids' attention, and impart lasting lessons on scientific concepts.

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