Teaching Language Arts with Netflix

Teaching Language Arts with Movie and Book Pairings from Netflix

It’s no secret that we love using Netflix to enrich our homeschool and to entertain our family. It’s especially helpful on sick days… It’s been a part of our lives since we pulled the plug on cable TV a few years ago and began to simplify. And we love our commercial-free watching.

Recently, I shared some great ways to incorporate Netflix into your preschoolers day if you’re teaching preschool at home. Did you check out that post and get your free download with links to shows and resources to use with them? If not, make sure you do. It’s broken down by subject and is a great resource.


Teaching Language Arts with movie and book pairings from Netflix #streamteam


For older kids, one of my favorite ways to teach language arts with Netflix is to have them watch movie versions of books they’ve read. When I taught full time in the classroom, I’d have my students do this too. It’s a great way to encourage critical watching and reading. Kids can compare the versions, and analyze which is richer and why.

Netflix makes teaching language arts easy.

There are some wonderful “movies from books” available to stream on Netflix. Some of my favorites are below. I’ve also included links to the books on Amazon for your convenience. If you’d like to include these movies into your language arts curriculum, I’d suggest having your children {students} read the books first – or read them aloud together – and then watch the film.


Scholastic Storybook Treasures

These stories are collections that bring the pages of classic and contemporary picture books to life through the narration of award-winning actors and actresses. I have included the volumes that are available to stream on Netflix below, along with links to the books included in those volumes right below the collection they’re a part of. I like to let my young readers pull out the books and read long with the narrator.


Teaching Language Arts with movie and book pairings from Netflix #streamteam

More Picture Books

There are some great picture books included in the Scholastic treasuries above, but Netflix has some other great stories, too. Check these favorites out:

Chapter Books

Do you have older children? Or love to do read alouds as a family? I simply adore reading rich classics with my kids and then enjoying a popcorn and movie night to see the magic unfold in front of our eyes. These are some wonderful offerings:


What are some other creative ways you choose to use streaming video to teach language arts in your homeschool? Did I miss any Netflix titles you love? Which ones? Share your suggestions in the comments.


Teaching Language Arts with movie and book pairings from Netflix #streamteam

I am a member of the #StreamTeam, which means that I was provided a Netflix subscription in exchange for writing about the ways we use it in our home and homeschool. All opinions are mine, though, and actually, we’ve used Netflix in our homeschool since the beginning. I love it, and had been a subscriber for years before joining the team. It’s fun to have a reason to share about these great resources now…