The Little Things

You know, when I first started thinking about homeschooling I lived in a constant state of fear…

  • Would I mess them up?
  • Would we all hate each other?
  • What am I going to do surrounded by kids ALL day? (This one despite the fact that I taught public school for TEN years – surrounded by kids ALL day!)

And then some funny things started happening… I call them “side benefits” to this big educational decision. Things that don’t really have much to do with academic learning but have a lot to do with learning about who we are.

  • We could suddenly sleep a little later because there were no buses to catch – which works really well for us night owls.



  • We all learned to like each other again. Little sisters weren’t a bother after being around “real” friends all day, they became playmates and confidants. Big brother wasn’t someone who came home after being gone all day, only to demand attention and refuse to play “baby” games, he became the pirate captain leading them on a treasure hunt throughout the yard and house, storyteller, and protector.



  • We started integrating our faith into our day more than we ever had. Now, we have a daily “Bible study,” talk about what is expected of us as believers throughout the day, and remind each other to value our core beliefs. We live by God’s standard. And, while we are all still imperfect, we remember what we’re striving for and look to stories, scripture, and church as examples of how to live our lives.



  • We make our own schedule, decide what we want to learn and experience, and—best of all—spend all day TOGETHER!



I entered the world of homeschooling with a bit of trepidation, some regret for the loss of the “break” I’d get when all the kids were finally in school all day (and the uninterrupted writing time I’d miss out on!), and a heap of worry. Now, just shy of two years later, I couldn’t imagine educating these three kiddos in any other way. The days are not always perfect, but they’re always an adventure!