Homeschooling a differently wired child?

Find out how YOUR CHILD learns best!

We help differently-wired homeschoolers embrace a creative, self-directed, and emotionally strong approach to their education.

Your kids are quirky, passionate, and intense — they need something different when it comes to education. The Learner’s Lab offers creative thinking lessons, social and emotional coaching, opportunities to connect with other kids just like them, and optional masterclasses for moms so you can homeschool with confidence, knowing you’re not alone and that you are the perfect parent AND teacher for your delightfully differently-wired kiddos.

Hi Mama, I’m Colleen.

I believe that you are the absolute best parent AND teacher for your children, no matter how their brains are wired!

You don’t have to be worried, stressed, exhausted, or feel like you’re messing your kids up because your homeschool doesn’t look social media worthy.

As an author, speaker, educational consultant, and gifted specialist turned homeschool mama to four chaotic minds, I get what it’s like to be led from one rabbit trail to another, leaving mess and overwhelm behind. I help families like yours trust themselves to embrace the adventure of a child-focused approach to education with ideas, challenges, tips, classes, and a community of like-minded kids and their parents.

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The Raising Lifelong Learners podcast helps parents — especially homeschooling parents — encourage their outside-the-box kids to learn, explore passions, cultivate creativity, and become fascinated by the world around them.

Join host Colleen Kessler — educational consultant, gifted specialist, author, and speaker — for interviews, audioblogs, tips, and encouragement to help your curious kiddos become lifelong learners — children who know that they can find the answers to anything they want to know if they can just view their world with play, passion, and fascination.

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I love joining Colleen’s Facebook lives. She is so inviting and real. I know that when I grab my cup of coffee and sit down, I’ll feel like I’m catching up with a friend. Every episode of the podcast or Facebook Live is full of knowledge and real life experiences packed into an understandable conversation. She recently talked about boundaries and I felt like she knew I needed this topic in my life.
Tara Williams
Before I first heard Colleen speak on parenting gifted kids, I felt completely confused about how to homeschool my quirky child. My daughter never seemed to match up to what the parenting and child-development books said, and was definitely on a breakneck timeline all her own. When Colleen described asynchronous development, twice-exceptionalities, and the characters of gifted learners, I broke down in tears. I felt seen, heard, and was empowered to homeschool my daughter in the individual way her own unique wiring deserved.
Gina Munsey
Colleen has been the rock I didn’t know I was going to need when I started homeschooling. The site has been priceless in building my confidence to homeschool my differently-wired kiddo (gifted with a side of anxiety and ADHD). Because of the support Colleen provides, I know now when to continue on and push through struggles and when to toss a curriculum out because it’s just not working. My kiddo is thriving in our very eclectic homeschool now — and it would not have been possible without Raising Lifelong Learners.
Sara Tullos