The Importance Of Play For Your Entire Family

It's easy to think of examples of how play helps young children and preschoolers. But what about older kids, teens, and even adults? The importance of play for your entire family is significant and the focus of our discussion today.      The Power Of...

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Dad playing with daughter

A Guide To Overexcitabilities And Gifted Children

Overexcitabilities and gifted children go hand in hand. This is a guide to everything you need to know about overexcitabilities and how they affect our gifted children.      Polish psychologist/psychiatrist Kazimierz Dabrowski developed the theory of...

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Overexcitabilities And Gifted Children

Can I Help My Child Become More Optimistic?

When your child is struggling with a negative mindset, it can affect all aspects of learning and family life. That's why a question that often comes up is "Can I help my child become more optimistic?" The answer is most certainly, "Yes." This episode of the Raising...

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optimism in children