What to Do When You Doubt Your Choice to Homeschool

A listener shared this question with me and it's so similar to the kinds of questions I hear from moms when we work together one-on-one, and also some discussions we've been having recently in The Learner's Lab so it felt like an important one to address in a...

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How to Recover from a Bad Homeschool Day

All homeschool moms have had those days. In fact, most of us have had quite a few bad homeschooling days. Last week, we had a rough day in a big (and I mean *explosively big*) way, and I decided it was important to tell you about it. The Haunting Questions of a Bad...

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Getting Back To Homeschooling In The New Year

The transition from the relaxed, anything goes nature of our holiday break to some sort of regular homeschooling routine is a real challenge for us each year. Here's everything you need to begin homeschooling again after a long break, including tips and tricks for...

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Intense Children and The Holidays: A Parent’s Guide

For intense children, the holidays can be a difficult season. Find out how to help your intense kids during the holidays, and get some much needed tips for navigating the chaos and overstimulation that comes with the season.     The holidays are upon us...

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