Come out and meet Colleen at any of the Great Homeschool Conventions in 2023!

Colleen will be at all five of the regional Great Homeschool Conventions in 2023 — and she’d LOVE to meet you and take some time to sit and chat about your adventures homeschooling differently-wired kiddos! Use coupon code RLL23 to get $10 off your registration. 

Missouri Saint Charles March 16-18
South Carolina Greenville March 30-April 1
Ohio Cincinnati April 13-15
California Ontario June 15-17
Texas Round Rock July 22-24
New York Rochester, NY August 6-8

Past Events with Colleen:

Saskatoon, SK SHBE Convention February 21-22
Ohio Private Homeschool Group April 23rd
Arizona AFHE Convention July 10-11

Are you ready to book Colleen for an event?

Booking a speaker for an event is tough, and it’s important to get it right. I know how hard it can be. Throughout my teaching career I sat on local, state, and national committees and booked speakers and planned events.Thank you for checking out my speaking page.

And speakers – whether keynotes or breakouts – can make or break an event.

So how do you find a great speaker?

A successful event depends on choosing speakers who:

  • are professional and present a polished look and show up on time.
  • are real…they are real people telling real stories.
  • are naturals in front of people. Great speakers just “have it.”
  • have a unique message or perspective and deliver it in a way that inspires.
  • hang out. The best speakers are there for your event. They meet with their audience, sign books, share stories, connect, and answer questions.

Speakers like this help make your event incredible. Whether your event is a three-hour workshop for a handful of attendees, or a conference with hundreds {or thousands} of participants, you need a great speaker.

My goal is to be that speaker – that great speaker – you need to make your event a success.

homeschool convention differently wired kid

What Can You Expect?

Here’s what you can expect from me:

  • Prompt replies to phone calls and email messages.
  • A personal conversation prior to your event {via phone, Skype, or email} to help me see how I can best serve your needs.
  • An announcement on my blog and throughout my social media channels about your event if you’d like it publically promoted.
  • A custom resource link for attendees that may include handouts, articles, or links to books and other resources.
  • A brief email follow-up after your event. I want to make sure you are happy, and I’m always looking for ways I can improve.

Why Should You Choose Me?

As an author, speaker, podcaster, and blogger, I love encouraging parents, teachers, and kids. I am passionate about raising children to be critical and creative thinkers, lifelong learners, and to pursue their passions. I am an advocate for gifted kids, and believe that those who parent our brightest {and most intense} kids need support and understanding – and chocolate. And I know what I’m talking about – I taught gifted kids for over a decade and now parent and homeschool my own four gifted {twice-exceptional} kids.

I adore the written word and love spending my free time researching and writing books that inspire kids to learn more and parents and teachers to incorporate hands-on experiences in all they teach.

I’ve shared with schools, churches, homeschool groups, moms’ groups, and at writing, blogging, gifted education and homeschooling conventions. I’ve spoken at local, state, and national events, as well as through online webinars and podcasts.

As you can see, my experience is varied.

I have a lot to share.

Attending a Homeschool Convention | Free Printable

My Most Popular Topics

I speak on topics related to:

  • gifted kids {parenting, homeschooling, advocating, intensity, twice-exceptionalities}
  • homeschooling {gifted kids, multiple ages, interest-led, hands-on/project-based}
  • parenting {gifted kids, large family life, frugal living, living our Catholic faith}
  • balance {life, homeschooling, homemaking, working from home, large family}
  • lifelong learning {critical thinking, creativity, reading, science}
  • writing {for children, freelance writing, educational writing, eBooks, blogging, balance}

My programs are always customized – you tell me what you want to create and what you want your audience to come away with.

Some of my recent presentations include:

  • Managing Intense Kids
  • Writing for Real
  • Writing for the Educational Market {1/2 day workshop}
  • Writing for the Educational Market {1 hour breakout session}
  • Using Authentic Research to Enhance Literacy Achievement
  • Using Games to Teach Gifted Kids
  • Pursuing a Writing Career
  • Hands-On Science Rocks

Check My Availability

If you are interested in starting a conversation about how I can meet your needs for your next event or would like to request my speaker information packet, please get in touch. I can’t wait to design a program for you!