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 You’re raising curious, creative, outside-the-box kids.

They’re empathetic, sensitive, brilliant, intensely driven, ambitious, always moving, interested, and ready to take on the world.

They are also anxious, absent-minded, rigid, don’t always follow through, intense, sad, impatient, and stubborn.

They are amazing.

And they need a different approach!

The Learner’s Lab Is What You Have Been Looking For. 

You can feel more connected as a family.

You can find community for yourself and your bright, quirky kids!

You can have the support you need to create a homeschool you’ll love.

I am really appreciating these daily reminders to be intentional with my kids. After I finished teaching we went and grabbed ice cream and played on the neighborhood playground. I love how Colleen talks all about how we are creating bonds through shared memories!

I’m so thankful for the resources you provide, as they seem specifically made for my quirky girl. She is wildly intelligent, observing everything around her, even when she looks like she isn’t paying attention. Yet she struggles to follow through with responsibilities and directives and it’s often difficult to tell if she is being defiant or of she is unfocused and distracted. I am so looking forward to being a part of The Learner’s Lab and digging into all you’ve planned out. I am a clinical social worker, and work with children and families, but the blend of giftedness, intensity, and my daughter being so much like her mama makes me even more grateful for your support.
~Meghan, mama of two


What Your Family Gets:

Live Monthly Creative Thinking Class for Kids

Unlock the boundless world of imagination for your child! Designed to be open-ended and engaging, these classes are a journey into the realms of creative thinking, critical analysis, problem-solving, and innovation. 

Live Monthly EQ Challenge Class for the Whole Family

Elevate your family’s emotional intelligence! Work on social-emotional skills through the challenge activities designed to strengthen your family’s communication. 

Live Monthly Group Coaching Calls for Parents

Whether you’re navigating the challenges of homeschooling, social-emotional challenges, or simply seeking advice, Colleen ensures a supportive and enriching conversation, answering ALL your questions.  

Live Monthly Masterclass for Parents

Dive deep into the month’s social-emotional theme as Colleen Kessler, M.Ed., or an occasional guest expert, equips parents with practical tools to foster these essential skills in their children. 

KidSpace: A Safe Forum for Children

Our kid safe forum is a unique, secure, and moderated space where bright, quirky kids can engage in enriching video-based chats! Foster connections, share experiences, and cultivate friendships in a carefully monitored environment. 

Twice Monthly Tween Meet-Ups

Engage in thought-provoking conversations, immersive digital escape rooms, or dynamic breakout sessions, all moderated by a licensed teacher. Focused on fostering connections and fun, our Zoom-based gatherings offer a safe space for tweens (10-12) to interact, share, and build friendships.

Twice Monthly Teen Meet-Ups

Engage in thought-provoking conversations, immersive digital escape rooms, or dynamic breakout sessions, all moderated by a licensed teacher. Focused on fostering connections and fun, our Zoom-based gatherings offer a safe space for teens (13+) to interact, share, and build friendships.

Live Monthly Doodle Club

Join friends of all ages (even the moms!) each month to relax through doodling! Starting with simple shapes that lead into pictures, zentangles, and fun designs. Bonus prerecorded tutorials will be released in the archives throughout the month for on-demand doodling fun!

Live Monthly LEGO Club

Join friends of all ages each month. You’ll receive a theme, then challenge yourself to build something related to that theme before the meeting to share in breakout rooms. Then, during the live meetup, you’ll take part in mini-challenges and have a chance to share what you build!

Private Online Community

Our exclusive online community is a haven off social media where homeschooling parents of all children, neurodivergent or otherwise, come together to connect, find support, and learn collectively. Enjoy priority access to Colleen and other mentors through conversation threads and direct messaging within the community. 

Hi! I’m Colleen Kessler, gifted specialist, author, speaker, educational consultant, and homeschooling mom of four quirky, creative, differently-wired kiddos ages 10-21 who keep me second-guessing everything I thought I knew about parenting and education.

Can you relate?

Homeschooling is a challenge even under the best of circumstances — throw in giftedness, ADHD, autism, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, learning disabilities, or any other combinations of neurodiversity and it can feel overwhelming.

You’re not alone.

The Learner’s Lab is the community created just for your quirky family.  It’s full of creative lessons, problem-solving activities, critical and divergent thinking games, and the social-emotional support differently-wired children and teens (and their parents) need most.

I can’t wait to welcome you.

Want a sneak-peek inside?

Check out the video below!


I’m SO excited to get connected with your work!  I have four kids, and three of them are differently-wired.  We are a homeschooling family that is trying hard to follow a more eclectic and self-directed approach to our learning so that we can embrace our kids’ strengths and build on them. Thank you for all of the support you provide!
~Sarah, mama of four

Reading your resources is like reading a book about my life.  No one else understands the deep challenges of raising a tween that is extrememly intelligent, and so I’m grateful to have your site, podcast, and now your membership to look to for support. Trying to differentiate her anxiety and depression with normal tween mood swings and the true depths of angst brought on by her smarts is a never ending roller coaster.  I am so excited to work through these struggles in your new EQ Challenge each month.
~Cassidy, mama of two



I can’t wait to see all the creative things your family gets into this year and watch you grow in strength, confidence, and resiliency as you stretch those social-emotional muscles, build connections, and enjoy a community ofother families just like yours!


We’re going to have a blast!

The Learner's Lab

Frequently Asked Questions


Put very simply — there’s absolutely no difference in content. You get access to all the same lessons and challenges as they’re created and offered, along with access to the archives for as long as your membership is active.

The big difference is in the price. With an annual plan, you pay upfront for the year, it renews on an annual basis, and you get two months free! It’s twelve months for the price of ten!


Yes! To ensure you don’t miss anything and remain at your current locked-in pricing, your subscription will automatically renew one year from the date of purchase (annual) or on the date of each month (monthly) that corresponds with the date you subscribed. You can manage your subscription at any time on your subscriber dashboard. If you cancel your subscription, you will remain an active subscriber until your renewal date — you do not immediately lose access.

Refunds will not be given past 30-days of a purchase date, and only on annual subscriptions.


The monthly LIVE lessons are designed to be enjoyed by the entire family, though some of the more jaded high schoolers (you know if I’m talking about one of your kiddos…) might need some persuasion to loosen up and have fun getting creative again, and the littlest of our homeschoolers will need help or might need to hang out alongside the family enjoying playdough or a coloring activity of their own.

The EQ Challenge Lab is designed to have multiple options so that all ages can find activities to be able to complete the challenge, or it can be completed as a family

The KidSpace forum has space for all ages to have conversations and share their projects and passions.

There’s something for everyone!


Replays of all lessons are included in The Learner’s Lab network indefinitely. You can access those along with all other challenges, conversations, and resources through your Learner’s Lab dashboard at any time.


Nothing… except maybe some basic craft, school, and office supplies. The goal is to keep the activities and challenges simple, doable, and easily implemented in your home when you’re ready to participate. So, we try to keep it to things found around most houses. 

We WILL publish a supply list at the start of each month when the live class registration link goes live so you have all the time you need to get any supplies you don’t have.


You will receive an email confirming your purchase. You can easily log into your account any time to access The Learner’s Lab content. If you have any problems, feel free to email [email protected] for assistance.


If you have another question that has not been answered here, email us at [email protected]. We will be happy to help you out.



Try The Learner’s Lab for 14 days. If you’re not finding more relaxed creativity, social-emotional skill-building, and getting the support you need to know you can homeschool your bright, quirky kiddo and thrive, then you can have your money back.

In fact, if you aren’t 100% satisfied for any reason within those 14 days, just email [email protected] for a full refund — no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose.

The Learner's Lab

Are you ready to homeschool your differently-wired kiddos and thrive? 

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