10 Days of Electricity and Magnetism

Hey! What are you planning to do with your kids over the next two weeks? Want to take a break from the books and have some electrifying fun? I’m teaming up with some amazing bloggers and participating in a 10-Day Spring Hopscotch…you can check out all the great topics by clicking on the button at the end of this post.
I’ve seriously been neglecting the hands-on science fun we usually have going on around here since Isaac was born, so I’m using this 10-Day series as an excuse to pull together a hands-on science unit study. This week, I’ll share information, history, projects and experiments, and printables that all explore electricity and magnetism. 
10 Days of Electricity and Magnetism via www.RaisingLifelongLearners.com


I hope you’ll stick around and download, print, and share this fun series with your kids and your friends. Make sure you don’t miss a post by taking a moment right now to subscribe by email if you haven’t already. In the coming months, I’ll have freebies and bonuses for my email subscribers, so you’ll want to be signed up so you don’t miss out.

This series will include {links will be live once post is active}:

Sound like fun? I’m really excited about this — and so are my kids. Most of the materials you’ll need for these activities can easily be found around the house, a few — like wires, bulbs, and switches — are inexpensive and worth the investment if you want to order some. I keep them in a plastic shoebox and let the kids explore with batteries when they feel like it. The batteries don’t generate enough electricity to do harm, and the kids really learn a lot through experimentation.

Be sure to come back tomorrow and learn all about the history of electricity {in a slightly abbreviated format}. I’ll have a simple notebooking page you can print so your kiddos can keep track of their learning throughout this study. In the meantime, check out some of the other great Hopscotch topics by heading over to the iHomeschool Network and clicking through some of the links.

Have you ever studied electricity with your kids?

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