4 Ways to Enjoy the Apple Orchard with Your Kids


It’s my favorite time of the year. I love the chilly air and warm sun, the crispness to the wind. I adore the smell of leaves, and the sound of them crinkling underfoot. Last year, I did a round-up of ten different fall themes for preschoolers.

This year, we’re going to have some more apple fun!


4 Ways to Enjoy the Apple Orchard with Your Kids


Isaac is loving applesauce and using apples as teethers, so we need to head to the orchard to pick a bunch and replace all of the sauce that’s disappearing around here with 4 hungry little munchkins.

Our favorite orchard is Monroe’s in Hiram, Ohio. If you live in Ohio, or plan to visit soon, make sure you check them out – super nice people, and yummy fruit. So, what can little ones learn about apples? Here are four things we plan to do:


Capture the moment.

When we go to the orchard, I’ll be sure to bring my camera, but I’ll also be bringing our chalk pastels. Inspired by the fall tutorials from Tricia and Nana, we’re eager to try capturing the beauty of the apples trees there.


4 Ways to Enjoy the Apple Orchard with Your Kids


Add some literature.

There are so many wonderful books about this season and apples. I plan to grab a few of my favorites to read aloud while the kids work on their artwork and pick apples. Here are a few that we own and love:


4 Ways to Enjoy the Apple Orchard with Your Kids


Bring home the harvest.

Once we’ve enjoyed the day at the orchard, we plan to come home and enjoy the fruits of our labor. We’ll make applesauce using some of our favorite tools like the spiral apple peeler the kids love and the Victorio Food Strainer/Mill that I love.

One of my new favorite toys, the Infantino Squeeze Station, makes feeding kids on the go super easy, so in addition to canning applesauce, we’ll be loading up some applesauce pouches to come along with us to co-op and museum classes. I bought this on a whim one day at Target, and am SO glad I did. All of the kids love eating out of these pouches.




Extend the fun.

My girls are go-getters and will probably want to do more apple-themed things once they get home from the orchard and we have applesauce simmering, so I think we’ll try some of these fun things from Maureen at Spell Outloud.

If we’re still looking for more things to try out, Allison at No Time for Flashcards has a great collection of apple art and craft projects.


I can’t wait for our apple fun to begin! Do you have some ideas for me? Share them in the comments – we’re not heading to the orchard until next week!