A Homeschool Writing Program To Challenge Your Gifted Learner

My daughter loves to tell stories.

She is creative and brilliant in her ability to weave together storylines and characters. Moreover, she’s imaginative in creating symbolism, even at her young age. (Another time, remind me to tell you how she cast our family into various animal roles. She was dead-on in her reasoning as to why each of her family members was one animal vs. another. Let’s just say one of us was a sloth…)

Story telling is part of who she is!

Because this is such an area of great interest and strength, I am always looking for ways to supplement and challenge her natural creative writing ability.


A Homeschool Writing Program To Challenge Your Gifted Learner


Although I have looked for creative writing programs suitable for her age and ability in the past, finding one that really works has been difficult. 

Our experience has been that most focus on the mechanics of writing first (think sentence structure) and leave the creativity out completely. 

This approach has never made sense for my daughter. 

She needs a program that begins with the creative and allows her to learn the rest as she explores her own strength in storytelling. 

Knowing this, I’ve found ways on my own to incorporate this approach into our everyday learning.

But as she’s gotten a little older, I find myself wishing for something a little more structured and a little more focused.

Then, I discovered Night Zookeeper.


A Homeschool Writing Program To Challenge Your Gifted Learner


A Homeschool Writing Program To Challenge Your Gifted Learner

Night Zookeeper is an award-winning creative writing platform that helps improve the writing skills of 5-12-year-olds.

The program has all the benefits of a complete language arts program, and also works well as a fun supplement in your homeschool. 

Night Zookeeper is committed to the following benefits for children:

  • Improved Core Writing Skills 
  • Personalized Feedback from a dedicated team of tutors 
  • Weekly Lessons that incorporate interactive video elements and games to teach your children key skills. 
  • Publishing Opportunities and weekly competitions with real-life prizes! 
  • FREE Monthly Educational Printables 


A Homeschool Writing Program To Challenge Your Gifted Learner


Creativity And Storytelling Come First In This Writing Program

What impressed me most about this program is its emphasis on creativity and storytelling first. 

For example, when your child first enters the site, they are asked to create and draw a fun character. The emphasis is on imagination and story first. The mechanics come later in the program.

I love this approach, especially for gifted homeschoolers. It taps into their natural abilities and keeps the learning focused on the experience, rather than the mechanics, of writing. 


A Homeschool Writing Program To Challenge Your Gifted Learner


Homeschool Writing That’s Fun and Games

In addition to the emphasis on creative writing, most of the program is “played” almost like a game. For my child, Night Zookeeper feels more like fun screen-time than it does our language arts learning for the day. 

This is huge for my sometimes resistant learner. She loves to tell stories, but actually sit down and write them? Sometimes, it’s a real challenge. 

Because the platform is so focused on making the learning fun, resistance fades as she gets more and more absorbed in the content and actually begins to write.


A Homeschool Writing Program To Challenge Your Gifted Learner


One of the most unique things about Night Zookeeper, is that children receive feedback on their writing!

Children get instant feedback on everything they write. They’re encouraged to improve their writing as they receive comments from Night Zookeeper characters, as well as personalized feedback from our team of educators.

The feedback is delivered in fun and engaging ways from the characters the kids are interacting with on the platform. It’s genius!


A Homeschool Writing Program To Challenge Your Gifted Learner


Looking For A Fresh Approach To Homeschool Writing For Your Gifted Child?

If you have a child who loves to tell stories, or who needs a little extra language arts practice without the added stress, I think Night Zookeeper is a great option for your homeschool.

Right now, as a Raising Lifelong Learner reader, you can take advantage of a FREE 7-day trial. If you decide it’s a good fit for your child, Night Zookeeper is offering 52% off its annual subscription, bringing the annual price to only $59.99 for the entire year. There are also monthly payment options if you prefer.

With the free trial, you have nothing to lose!