Awesome Art Additions

Art is a topic in homeschool that can sometimes fall by the wayside, sacrificed in the name of keeping core classes completed. It tends to be phased out the older your kiddos get, confusing art with crafts and assuming that painting, sculpting, or learning about famous artists and movements is either childish or unnecessary. And while it could be argued that art isn’t a necessity, I’d argue that the enrichment, history, appreciation, and emotions that all stem from and flow into great works are not only beneficial, but necessary. 

Sure, not every kiddo wants to paint or draw or sculpt, but including art in your homeschool doesn’t have to be limited to picking up a brush and a palette. I’m sharing some fun and unique ways to include art and enjoy the brain benefits without needing a smock and a canvas, so grab some for your kiddos and open up a whole new world of color!





Nothing gets kids invested like the promise of fun! The Brain Box Art Challenge is a perfect way to get the brain warmed up for the day while sneaking in some history or appreciation, and The Grand Museum of Art Board Game is a fun game that combines strategy and famous works of art. Junk Art and Happy Little Accidents are both wonderfully fun games that encourage flexible thinking and never run out of ways to play! Go Fish for Modern Artists is an easy way to introduce new works using a familiar game (and the mini booklet it comes with is packed with great information about the artists!), while Show Me the Monet uses knowledge about famous works to build player’s collections.






Children can form deeper connections to works and artists by reading from any of these engaging stories. Radiant Child tells the story of Jean-Michel Basquiat, a more recent artist whose style is sure to capture kiddos’ attention. Monet Paints a Day and Uncle Andy’s are both stories more than biographies and are sure to entertain! Vincent’s Colors combines Van Gogh’s works with his words adapted to poems, and Swatch is a captivating tale of a girl who loves color, both books which are engrossing and moving with their approach to and appreciation of color. Frida Kahlo is an artist worth diving into, as she was not only a very talented artist but an incredibly talented woman!






Another great way to incorporate art is to take it beyond a page or image. These activities are perfect for getting your hands dirty, like with a Paint by Number or open-ended clay kit. Books like You Are an Artist and Discovering Great Artists are full of fun activities to explore and create, and The Art Puzzle Book and Spot the Differences Art Masterpiece Mysteries are fun ways to get your little detectives involved and mix art with intrigue!




Art is such a subjective, fluid subject that there are endless ways to include and appreciate it in your homeschool. Whether you’ve got a math whiz or a natural Picasso, there’s something for everyone and always a way to enjoy.