Getting Ready for Back to School with Hands-On Science Fun

As we’re busy getting ready to dive into the 2014-2015 school year here at the Kessler house, we pulled together some fun resources to kick-start one lucky reader’s science plans.



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It’s no secret that we love science around here. Science encompasses so much of the world around us. There’s physical science like electricity, force & motion, and sound. There’s life science where we can study the animals and plants in our world. There’s earth science and the opportunity to discover our place in the solar system.

And we enjoy it all.

I write about it, and we live it. Science is awesome – but hands-on science is best for kids. In fact, I contributed a chapter to a brand-new book for homeschoolers that’s out today. The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas is filled with over 500 pages on 103 topics to help you take your homeschooling to the next level.


The Big Book of Homeschooling Ideas -- 55 Moms Share Ideas on 103 Topics - buy your copy today at


To celebrate its launch, and to help you get ready for the school year, I’ve pulled together a fun giveaway basket to go along with my chapter: Easy Ways to Keep Science Hands-On.


The Big Book of Homeschooling Ideas -- 55 Moms Share Ideas on 103 Topics - buy your copy today at


Inside this basket you’ll find three of my favorite book projects ever {besides the Big Book of Homeschool Ideas}:


  • Hands-On Ecology — 150+ pages that help develop children’s fascination with their world by giving them a front-row seat in the exploration of various ecological habitats. The book includes needed to create an extensive, in-depth study of ecology, including background information on ecosystems, how to set up a hands-on study of the local ecosystem, a look at how human populations affect the environment, and viable ways kids can contribute to conservationism.


  • Real Life Science Mysteries – 120 pages that put an exciting spin on scientific thinking by profiling real-life scientists, showing kids ways they can use science in their everyday lives. From a biologist studying the habits of garter snakes in Manitoba, Canada, to a landscape designer and greenhouse owner in Ohio, the scientists in this book share information and solutions to the thorniest problems they face in their scientific careers.


  • Science for Smart Kids: Electricity and Magnetism – 56 pages that give kids a chance to see how scientists and inventors found ways to bring electricity to the people who wanted and needed it. And that, while we benefit from the discoveries that have already been made, there is always more to learn! Whether kids try the activities in this book as a fun unit study, as part of their homeschool science lessons, or just to discover new things, they’ll get an up-close look at electrical and magnetic forces.


You’ll also find our favorite science tool for adventuring together – The Carson Micro-Brite pocket microscope. This little scope is great for checking out the details of things you find on your hikes and in your own backyard.


And, we’re throwing in the cute little bug boxes and magnifiers you see in the photo above, along with some fun surprise science tools. Good luck!


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    This basket is filled with some of those Easy Ways to Keep Science Hands-On that I talk about in the Big Book of Homeschooling Ideas. Make sure you head over and grab yourself a copy today – It’s only $10.99 for an instant download of the eBook in THREE formats {pdf, epub, and mobi} so you can read it on your computer or any mobile device you own.   The Big Book of Homeschooling Ideas -- 55 Moms Share Ideas on 103 Topics - buy your copy today at   As you read through the Big Book of Homeschooling Ideas, remember that homeschooling offers you the opportunity to be constantly present for your kids. Take this time to build memories. Science fun is great to bridge sibling age gaps, and encourage a love of learning in all members of the family. Tell me… what is your favorite way to encourage a love of learning in your kids?   Oh, and if you want a chance to win some more fun stuff to kick off your school year, a bunch of my blogger frineds from the iHomeschool Network have joined together to offer back-to-school baskets of their own. Check out some of their amazing prizes. Who knows… you may win more than one!



Hands On Science Gift Basket Giveaway via

The Big Book of Homeschooling Ideas -- 55 Moms Share Ideas on 103 Topics - buy your copy today at