Back to School with Mini Boden

Back to School with Mini Boden

I was thirteen before I ever had “cool” back-to-school clothes. Thirteen. My parents didn’t really like following trends (and they only bought things that were on sale – way on sale), so I tended to wear clothes that were a season or two past when they’d been “in.”


Back to School with Mini BodenThis post was sponsored by Boden as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.


It was the 80s, and acid-washed denim was what everyone was about, and my parents had finally relented and bought me a pair of designer jeans for my thirteenth birthday.

In November.

The first day that I wore them, proudly paired with a cropped sweater, teased hair, and a red faux-leather purse, I slipped on the ice and completely wiped out. My purse flew open, scattering lip gloss and blue mascara across the ice. And my jeans ripped across the knees, and blood poured from the gash in my leg, ruining them. And I never got another pair until I could buy them myself, as ruining them on the first day of owning them solidified my parents’ opinion that kids didn’t need designer clothes.

Now, as an adult myself, and mom of four kids, I can see their point, but I also think that kids should be able to look good and feel great about their clothes if those things are important to them.


Back to School with Mini Boden


For my nine year old, clothes are important. She loves to dress in cute, trendy clothes, has an adorable sense of style, and like to show it off. My seven year old, well, she’s a tomboy who adores wearing dresses – the fancier the better.


Back to School with Mini Boden


I’ve loved the look and style of Boden, a British clothing line, and their super adorable Mini Boden line for kids. When they offered to let me choose a couple of back to school outfits for the girls, I was thrilled.

The clothes are cute, fun, trendy, and made amazingly well.

And they have some poppy clothes! (Are you a member of our Facebook support group for parents of gifted kids, Raising Poppies, yet? If not, join today!)

Now, my kiddos are homeschooled, so you might be a little confused as to why we care about getting back to school anyway. It’s a big deal for us too, though. My husband still teaches, so August means that he goes back to work and isn’t with us every day anymore. It’s also when zoo, museum, and co-op classes resume, along with field trips and play meet-ups. Us homeschoolers need cute back to school supplies and clothes, too.


Back to School with Mini Boden


And Mini Boden fits the bill. Their kids clothes are soft, comfy, and so, so well-made. And adorable – really, really cute. For my little tomboy who adores dresses, I got this fantastic striped poppy dress with a super cute curved collar. I paired it with stretchy cable knit leggings so she can dance, hike, twirl, and climb playground equipment to her heart’s content.

For her big sister, who is a little more romantic and loves to twirl, I went for the fun to wear. This denim dress has big polka dotted pockets and a skirt that swirls wide with every twirl. We match her leggings to her sister’s dress, going for the bright poppy patterned leggings. We both love the look.


Back to School with Mini Boden


I’m definitely shopping with Mini Boden again. Their clothes feature unique prints, no tags, and a warm ‘British-ness” I love. Back to school, for me, means leggings, tees, dresses, and comfy pants and shorts. They have them all. They’re machine washable, durable, and super comfy. And, better yet, they offer free shipping and returns on orders $49 or more.


Back to School with Mini Boden


Want a chance to win a Mini Boden shopping spree? Enter below for your chance to win one of three $500 certificates for their new kids’ fall line. Hurry, though – the giveaway ends on August 22nd! Good luck!

No worries, though, if you don’t win. If you click over to the Mini Boden site from here, you’ll be able to answer a few quick questions to get 25% off your order. So, enter to win, and buy with the discount while you wait. It’s worth it!


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Back to School with Mini Boden

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