Helping Anxious Children And Their Siblings

Helping Anxious Children And Their Siblings

Colleen answers a frequently asked question today on the Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast: How do you help siblings understand when one child has anxiety? This episode is all about helping anxious children and their siblings.      Anxiety and Gifted/Twice Exceptional Children We all experience anxiety at some point or another.  Worrying and stress is a natural part of being human.  Anxiety is also quite common in the world of neurodiversity. For gifted children and twice exceptional kids, worrying and stress can be intense and overwhelming, Among profoundly...

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7 Executive Functioning Activities for Small Children

Executive Functioning Activities for Young Children

The basement was a complete mess. Boots, coats, scarves, and hats were strewn all over the floor -- right next to the shelves and hooks on which they belonged. When I told my kids to bring their things to the basement, I wasn't specific enough, I guess. I didn't help them scaffold and build their executive functioning skills and so, while I was frustrated, it was mostly with myself.     What is Executive Function? The official definition of executive functions is that they are a set of processes that have to do with managing oneself and one's resources in order to achieve a...

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Twice Exceptional Children And Homeschooling: What It’s Really Like

twice exceptional kids

There are a lot of misconceptions about twice exceptional children and homeschooling. In this episode of the Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast, Colleen shares what it's really like to homeschool a twice exceptional child, both as a gifted education specialist and a homeschooling parent.      Twice Exceptional Defined Twice exceptional is the label given to kids that are identified as gifted and also have a learning difficulty of some sort. Some may have learning disabilities, anxiety issues, Tourette Syndrome, ADD with or without hyperactivity,...

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The Very Best Interest-Led Option For Homeschool Science

Homeschool Science

Finding an interest-led science curriculum for your homeschool can be a challenge. This approach allows you to mix and match based on what makes sense for your individual learner. It's so well done, your gifted child will love it!     I believe strongly in an Interest-led approach, particular for gifted and twice-exceptional children. It is the absolute best way to challenge a gifted mind while also meeting your child where they’re at developmentally and academically. Although I absolutely love it, the very real downside is often finding robust curriculum options that...

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What’s The Difference Between Interest-Led and Strength Based Learning?

interest-led and strength based

 In this special episode of the Raising Lifelong Learner’s Podcast, Shawna Wingert shares valuable information about getting started with strength-based learning in your homeschool. She also answers a frequently asked question: What is the difference between interest-led and strength-based learning?     What’s The Difference Between Interest-Led and Strength Based Learning? “Interest-led learning is just what it sounds like – letting a child’s interests lead the learning process.” The This is a simple, but accurate definition of interest-led learning. This...

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Emotional Overexcitability And Gifted Kids (what you need to know)

overexcitabilities and gifted child

One of my favorite movies will forever be Mean Girls. I had no idea when I was quoting it as a teenager that I'd still be quoting it as an adult, but here we are. Glen Coco and fetch and grool - they all have their place in my daily speech, but the line that comes up most often now that I'm raising an intense poster child for emotional overexcitability is most definitely, "I just have a lot of feelings." I'll give you a second to shout, "She doesn't even go here!" before I move on. That scene, that poor girl, her hair plastered to her face with fresh tears, her wrinkled paper grasped...

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Is Your Homeschooled Child Profoundly Gifted?

profoundly gifted child

 Wondering if your child is profoundly gifted? What does profoundly gifted even mean? In this episode, Colleen discusses how to determine if your child falls into the profoundly gifted category. She also shares the reality of homeschooling a profoundly gifted child.     Homeschooling my oldest has always been a curious mix of interests and intellect. What I have learned along the way is this is simply the nature of homeschooling a profoundly gifted child. This is a unique and sometimes, complicated journey and one that I am happy to share with you today. Is Your...

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Homeschooling With Purpose: A Conversation with Pam Barnhill

homeschooling with purpose

  In this episode of The Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast, Colleen is joined by her good friend, and fellow veteran homeschool mom, Pam Barnhill. Honest and practical, they talk about planning, what gets in the way on a Monday morning, and provide access to resources that will help homeschoolers at any stage. If you homeschool, or are even thinking about homeschooling, this episode is for you!     Managing A Classroom vs. Teaching Your Own Children One thing that both Colleen and Pam have in common is classroom experience. Both worked in schools prior to homeschooling...

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Homeschooling a Profoundly Gifted Child

profoundly gifted

I never planned to homeschool. If you’d asked me 15 years ago if I’d even consider it, I would have told you that, not only wouldn’t I have, but that homeschoolers were strange and that schools were perfectly equipped to handle all that came their way. That kids needed to be with same age peers. Even a profoundly gifted child. And then my first born went to school.     You see, Trevor was a curious kiddo from the get-go. Never slept as a baby, watched everything, was verbal from early on and got into everything. He asked big questions, had big worries, and thought big thoughts....

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Can Giftedness Be Difficult To Uncover In Our Children?

giftedness disguised

Giftedness is so often disguised in our brightest kiddos. In this episode, Colleen explains how even as an expert in the field, her son's giftedness was difficult for her to uncover. Practical and encouraging, you don't want to miss this honest look at giftedness in children.      Can Giftedness Be Difficult To Uncover In Our Children? Contrary to popular myths and misunderstandings, gifted kids (and adults) are not just the answer-givers, rule-followers, and quiet reflectors. They are also the challengers, rule-breakers, contradictors, and vocal opposition...

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