Easy Snowman Craft


Easy Snowman Craft


I am always trying to find simple things to keep Logan occupied, especially now that we’ve brought Isaac home. We never realized how lucky we were when we brought Logan home as a baby. Molly, though only two, was so bright and aware, that she just rolled with her new baby sister. She never competed for attention, didn’t get mischievous, or try to divert attention away from her new sibling at all.

Logan, on the other hand, is a typical three year old. Since bringing home baby K4, she’s had three modes– super sneaky, super clingy, and super whiny. It’s been tiring. I know that this attention-seeking will eventually even out, and I’ve tried to do special things with her, but, well, I’m just tired.

This little craft was so simple, but so fun for my little tornado, that I thought I’d share it with you in case you’re looking for something easy to do on a snowy, cold day – when you don’t want to mess with a real snowman.

Most of the materials for this craft are already hanging around your house if you have little ones {because you can use just about anything}, but you’ll need to pick up the foam balls. I found mine in the craft aisle at Walmart for a couple of dollars. The bag had three small, three medium, and three large sized foam balls.

We also dug out buttons, craft pebbles, googly eyes, colored toothpicks, and a wooden disc.

I put some glue in a small dish and gave Logan a Q-tip, and let her go to town. I think her snowman turned out really cute.


Crafting a snowman


Do you have any easy go-to crafts or activities that will keep your little ones occupied?