Want to encourage critical and creative thinking, but don't know how? Do your kids love nonfiction and hands-on science? Are you just not a "science-y" person, despite your best efforts to challenge your children?

Science for Smart Kids: Electricity and Magnetism 

This hands-on, self-directed, non-fiction book for kids is filled with great information, journal and experiment pages, and lots of hands on activities -- it's perfect for even the most science-phobic parent out there.

Are you striving to raise lifelong learners?

Children learn best by doing -- they need to be actively involved in their learning and in their world. It's a parent's responsibility to expose them to all sorts of different experiences as they’re growing up so they have a chance to stumble upon their passions, and will continue learning well into adulthood... because it's fun.

Science for Smart Kids: Electricity and Magnetism is perfect for kids...

  • Kids who are passionately curious.
  • Kids who ask a lot of questions.
  • Kids who want to know it all and experience it all.
  • Kids like yours.

Science for Smart Kids: Electricity and Magnetism

  • teaches your kids about the history of electricity, the links between electricity and magnetism, and encourages them to play around with wires, bulbs and batteries to discover the properties they share. 
  • can be used as a comprehensive unit study, a fun extra, or just a great nonfiction read.
  • with more than 20 activities and experiments, it will deepen your kids' understanding by actively engaging them in the learning process.
  • doesn't require specialized materials -- most things can be found around your house or purchased online inexpensively. 


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Electricity and magnetism are a huge part of our lives, and we often take these forces for granted.

Before eBooks, computers, and remote control toys, though, scientists put a lot of effort into discovering how they worked, and how they could capture that energy to make our lives easier. Through their explorations, the connection and relationship between electricity and magnetism was discovered. Scientists and inventors found ways to bring electricity to the people who wanted and needed it. And, while we benefit from the discoveries that have already been made, there is always more to learn!

Whether you try the activities in this book as a fun unit study, as part of your homeschool science lessons, as an extra project for school or a science fair, or just to discover new things, you’ll get an up-close look at electrical and magnetic forces.

Enjoy the SHOCKING discoveries you make as you enjoy the PULL of science!

What People Are Saying About Science for Smart Kids: Electricity and Magnetism

Looking for something to keep your motivated learner engaged this summer? Grab a copy of Electricity and Magnetism.

Written for kids, this book walks "smart kids" through various science experiments centered around electricity and magnetism. Set up an exploration station, hand them this book, and watch your kids' imaginations come alive as they learn all these elements of science!

Ashley Pichea, creator of Pichea Place

I used this e-book to assist with developing a lesson plan for a 2 hour class for 1st 3rd grade homeschoolers. I was very impressed with the number of thought-provoking experiments it provided that can be performed with household items. Looking forward to other titles from this talented author!

Stephen Mayers, Homeschool Dad

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