twice exceptional kids

Twice Exceptional Children And Homeschooling: What It’s Really Like

There are a lot of misconceptions about twice exceptional children and homeschooling. In this episode of the Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast, Colleen shares what it’s really like to homeschool a twice exceptional child, both as a gifted education specialist and a homeschooling parent.


twice exceptional kids


Twice Exceptional Defined

Twice exceptional is the label given to kids that are identified as gifted and also have a learning difficulty of some sort. Some may have learning disabilities, anxiety issues, Tourette Syndrome, ADD with or without hyperactivity, sensory processing disorders, while others may suffer from anxiety disorders or depression. The combinations are varied, as are the “symptoms” that lead to a diagnosis… or misdiagnosis. 

Because of the complexities of both giftedness and learning differences combined, twice exceptional children often struggle in the traditional school environment. 


twice exceptional kids


Twice Exceptional Children And Homeschooling

Because of the unique abilities and needs of a twice exceptional learner, I believe that homeschooling is a wonderful option and is often the “best fit” educationally.

It allows parents to become students of their own children and put together an educational plan that is tailor-made for their child.


twice exceptional and homeschooling


Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast Episode #127: What It’s Really Like To Homeschool A Twice Exceptional Child

Colleen shares what it’s really like to homeschool a twice exceptional child, from her perspective as a gifted specialist and as a homeschooling mom.


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