RLL #79: [Audioblog] Mislabeled Behavior And Undiagnosed Giftedness

The frustration is real; your intense kiddo might be having outbursts you can’t explain, or doesn’t relate to others his own age or has a sensitivity to stimuli that is overwhelming, or any combination of the three or more!  None of the professionals can seem to agree and you and your child are left confused and still hurting, without any answers.  Giftedness doesn’t always look like what you’d think.  Your child’s behavior can be trying to tell you something their words can’t, and we, as parents, have to be as loud as they are when it comes to getting them what they need.

In today’s episode, Colleen shares an audioblog — an article that first appeared on the site — written by contributor and community manager, Jennifer Vail.  Jennifer details her family’s struggle to get to the bottom of their son’s baffling behavior and how knowing the true cause of his frustrations helps everyone to learn what he needs and feels.

RLL 79 Mislabeled Behavior and Undiagnosed Giftedness

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