Family Fire Safety


Do your kids know what to do if their house is on fire? It’s fire safety week, and I’m over at The Happy Housewife talking about teaching your kids how to stay safe in a fire. Come on over…

But, in the meantime, here are a few of the things we’re doing this week to remind each other about fire safety:


Family Fire Safety | The Happy Housewife


  • We’re visiting a fire station before co-op on Wednesday to check out the trucks and talk to the firemen who share a parking lot with the church we meet at.
  • We’ll be checking out these fun websites:
  • We’re drawing maps of the house, labeling them with exit routes, and practicing our escape.
  • We’ll be completing some of these fun, but informative, worksheets:
  • And, we’ll talk about what happens after a fire, to remind the kids about our friends who lost everything material in a devastating house fire, but realized just how good people are, and how much more important relationships are than things.

I hope you’ll come over to check out my post. Let me know what you think – either in the comments there or here.