It's important to teach kids to appreciate and care for our Earth. But, the science of ecology can be overwhelming to introduce young children to...

Until now.


Hands-On Ecology: Real-Life Activities for Kids has everything you need to create a fantastic unit of fun and learning for your kids!

Hands-On FUN Activities for You & Your Child!

Kids are naturally fascinated by the world around them, exploring animals, plants, and organisms that inhabit it, from the time they are tiny. Hands-On Ecology helps you develop your children's fascination with their world by giving them a front-row seat in the exploration of various ecological habitats. The book offers the tools you need to create an extensive, in-depth study of ecology, including background information on ecosystems, how to set up a hands-on study of your local ecosystem, a look at how human populations affect the environment, and real ways kids can contribute to conservationism.

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