Hands-On Fun: Crayon Melt Art


So… you may have seen the cool crayon art making its way around the Internet. On Pinterest… Being sold on Etsy… On blog after blog




We saw it, too, and decided it was the perfect way to use up some of those 25-cent boxes of crayons that we picked up during the back-to-school sales. Wanna try? Grab:

  • crayons (we used about 70)
  • a canvas (ours is 16” by 20”)
  • a hot glue gun
  • a hairdryer (or three)

Make sure you drape your craft area because if you have little ones wielding hot hairdryers towards melting crayons, you’ll have wax EVERYWHERE – trust me!

First, empty the crayons onto the floor and have the kids sort them by color. (Can we count that as math (grouping) AND science (classification)??) Winking smile 

Then, decide how you want them arranged. We went for the rainbow look, but I think I want one like this for my bathroom next.

Once you’ve decided on the arrangement, hot glue them to the top of the canvas in a row.




Set up your workspace, turn on the hairdryer(s), and get melting! (And… so YOU don’t end up having to scrape melted crayon off YOUR kitchen wall, you might want to take note of my less-than-stellar draping, and cover your work area more completely.)




And melting…




And melting…




The finished project looks adorable hanging on the wall in our playroom, and the kids are so proud of their artwork.




Happy crafting!