Hands-On Learning: Play-Dough Body Parts


We start a new co-op next week. We’ve thought about joining a co-op for awhile, have tried to sign up for several, but all of our attempts have been thwarted for one reason or another. Full classes, two-year waiting lists, etc. Finally, though, we found one that seems like it will be a good fit for all of our little learners.

Trevor gets to take classes like DS Strategy and History, Create a Super Hero, Gym, and Beginning Business. Logan gets to go to Story Hour, Edible Art for Toddlers, Play with Dough, and Free Play. And Molly has chosen classes like Thematic Storytime, Beginning Cooking, Ballet, and Human Anatomy.

Yep… you read that right… my four-year-old is taking an anatomy class for early elementary aged kids. She so desperately wanted to take the class, that we made arrangements with the instructor to allow her to take it with modified reading and writing. Her cognitive level can handle the class easily, but reading and writing still takes awhile…

So we’ve been prepping so she has some background knowledge.

We bought seven different colors of play dough:



Found a diagram of the parts of the human ear online:



Talked about the parts and what they do to make hearing possible, and began to build our own ear model using a different color for each part:



Here’s Molly’s finished ear:



She did a great job! I’m sure she’ll knock ‘em dead in her anatomy class!