Kitchen Lessons: Making Candy Sushi

Candy Sushi


Now that we’ve {finally!} finished Japan, and can move on in our geography program, I am happy to share our new favorite {and very unhealthy & sugary} recipe: Candy Sushi.


Candy Sushi


We really wanted the look of seaweed, but none of the three grocery stores we went to carried green fruit roll-ups, so we settled for the “rainbow” variety. {None of the kids – including my 75-year-old “kid” friend (who knows who he is…) – seemed to mind.}

I’ll be honest here, and say that these little babies intimidated me, but they were really easy. I promise. We made a triple batch in under an hour. If you made one, it should take you about a half hour, start to finish.

First gather your ingredients:

  • 6 cups of Rice Krispies cereal {I read that the brand makes a difference when making the rice treats portion, but didn’t read further to find out why. I went with it because they were for Geography Club, and I didn’t have time to mess up.}
  • 3 tbs unsalted butter
  • 1 bag of mini marshmallows {note – this is slightly more than the original recipe calls for, but you want your treats to be pliable, so use the whole bag}
  • fruit roll-ups
  • Twizzlers, rainbow licorice, gummy worms, other long, skinny candy {note – After beginning, THEN reading labels, I found out that Twizzlers have wheat flour in them. Geography club friends have gluten allergies, so we started from scratch – new knives, bowls, etc. for the second and third batches and just used the gummies. Voila! Gluten-free candy sushi!}


Candy Sushi Ingredients


Put the butter in a microwave-safe bowl and add the marshmallows:


Put the butter in the bowl.

Add the marshmallows.


Microwave for two minutes, then stir. If necessary, microwave in 30-second additional increments, stirring between, until it is smooth:


Microwave the marshmallows.

Stir until smooth.


Add in the Rice Krispies and stir until coated:


Add in Rice Krispies.

Stir Rice Krispie mixture.


Spray cookie sheets liberally with cooking spray, and press the Rice Krispie Treats into a neat and evenly thick rectangle. {You want them to be fairly thin, about a half-inch at most.}


Spread Rice Krispie Treats in a thin layer.

Candy Sushi


Let those harden for about ten minutes. In the meantime, peel your fruit roll-ups, and get your candy ready.

Finally, cut the treats into strips, approximately the width of your fruit roll-ups, and layer them on wax paper.


Candy Sushi


Place your candy at one end and roll the rice treats over the candy once, then cut it and squeeze into a roll:


Candy Sushi

Candy Sushi

Candy Sushi

Candy Sushi


Cover your roll with a fruit roll-up, making sure to stretch and squeeze so that the candy and rice treats compress nicely together and the fruit roll-up overlaps:


Candy Sushi

Candy Sushi

Candy Sushi


Slice it into sushi rolls:


Candy Sushi


The kids had {almost} as much fun making these as they did eating them.


Candy Sushi Rolls

Cutting Rice Krispie Treats

Rolling Candy Sushi


It was a fun way to eat “sushi” from Japan to finish off our study… although, we are going to a restaurant to try the real thing this weekend. Pray for me… I’m not too sure what the reactions will be…