Land Art for Kids - A Heart in the Snow

Land Art for Kids | A Heart in the Snow

Getting kids outside all year long is important. It nurtures a love of nature, and helps them understand the purpose of each season. We enjoy taking walks in the neighborhood to see what’s going on all year long.

On a recent walk, following our first snowfall of the year, we decided to leave a few pieces of nature art in neighbors’ and friends’ yards.

Land Art for Kids - A Heart in the Snow


Land art for kids is easy, nonpermanent, and a way to grab some of the beauty of the natural world in a unique way. We chose to leave hearts made out of twigs and dried flowers from the hydrangea bush in our yard.

The kids had a lot of fun and were excited for their neighbors to discover their hidden land art hearts.

Land Art for Kids - A Heart in the Snow


If you’re looking for land art ideas, you can find many images online to spark your own and your kids’ creativity. Some of the images we checked out are:

This winter heart on The Crafty Crow.

This collection of nature-inspired ideas from Sun Hats and Wellie Boots.

This wooden heart, also from Sun Hats and Wellie Boots.

The rocks on this page from The Artful Parent.

This silly face from Fundoodle.

We also found some great books on the topic of land art on amazon, and have several on the way to us right now. This was so fun, that I know we’ll be doing more of it on our nature walks going forward.

I love that it’s a sweet surprise left behind for the next person who walks by.

Have you ever made land art in your yard or at a park? What did you make?