Learning Math on the Road with Zap Zap Math

“Mom! He’s on MY side of the van!”

“She’s looking at me…”

It’s road trip time for the Kessler family and we’re gearing up — not only with the packing and snacks and hotels and all the other little details that go along with packing up a family of six and hitting the road for an extended time, but activities to keep busy minds, hands, and attitudes engaged and in check.

Learning Math on the Road with Zap Zap Math

When you’re traveling with intense kiddos, you need to have lots of contingency plans. And, when your intense kids are super-smart like mine, and have minds that just won’t ever turn off, those contingency plans must be of the intelligence-challenging variety.

I like to arm the kids (and myself) with books, crafts, puzzles, videos, and learning apps that keep them interested and challenged throughout long drives.

A New Math App to Love — Zap Zap Math

Zap Zap Math is a new math program we’re using on the iPad that the kids share, and I’m so excited that we found it in time to load up and take with us because the kids were immediately engaged, and can’t wait to play each day.

The games take place in outer space and are bright, fun, and quirky enough for my quirky kiddos. They loved creating their alien avatar and blasting off for math adventures like these:

Zap Zap Math App Review


It was easy to set up once we downloaded it. You can grab your own copy whether you’re playing on an Apple device or an Android device.

For parents like me (or teachers using it in a classroom), there’s a super-easy-to-use web interface where you can check up on the progress of all your little alien mathematicians. It breaks things down by topic, too, so I can see each area in which my kiddos individually struggle.

What the Kids Thought of Zap Zap Math

My kids — especially the younger two — love this app. They have asked to play it every day since we got it, and are looking forward to long streches in the car where they can use it. Imagine that — they can’t wait to be confined to a car so they can do math!

You can’t ask for more than that!

Zap Zap Math App Review

What I Thought About Zap Zap Math

I’m going to admit that I was not necessarily looking for more math apps. We have a lot, but thin kiddos love them, so I’m always game to try another. I wasn’t sure we needed it, though.

I was wrong – we did need this.

The parental reports are fantastic, and I think the app offers a great age- and grade-based scaffolding that allows kids to progress as rapidly as they want to. This is super important for parents of gifted children who master (and get bored with) things quickly.


Zap Zap Math App Review


Zap Zap Math has over 150 math concepts in their library, with a fully developed comprehensive curriculum that can be used to supplement whatever you’re using at home. The app pulls in higher level thinking skills like creation, evaluation, and analysis. And it’s fun.

If you’re looking for a new math app to add to your kiddos’ tablets for on the road fun and learning this summer, download this app today (on an Apple device or an Android device). Really.

Then come back and tell me what you thought.


Learning Math on the Road with Zap Zap Math

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