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Moms, We’re in This Race Together…

My friend Mary from Homegrown Learners wrote on her page about a comment made to her. That her blog readers may have the perception that all is perfect… and she assured us that her life {like all of ours} is not perfect. Her community {and if you’re not a follower – you’re missing out on some wonderful homeschooling inspiration} rallied around her in a wonderful way.

But it got me thinking about you all. And moms in general… And homeschooling moms in particular. You know, in this crazy race called life, we’re all in it for the same things. We want a strong, loving, kind family. Moms, we’re all in this race together.

Moms - we're all in this together via

I never want anyone to compare themselves to me and think I have it all together. Because I don’t.

It’s so important for us ALL to avoid comparing ourselves to anyone. We just don’t know all that goes on behind closed doors…and we shouldn’t. When any of us heads to the store, a party, a class, or heads out on a field trip, don’t we entreat our kids to behave? Don’t we tell those who ask that all is well and we’re fine? We put our BEST forward and on display.

It’s how it should be.

We should surround ourselves, as much as we can, with the beautiful, the inspirational, and the loveliest of all we can find.

And, still…we all have bad days.

Moms - we're all in this together via

The world’s most renowned parenting experts have kids who misbehave. The most positive gifted advocates among us have days when they wish their kids were just average. The most hospitable friends we’ve ever met have days when they just want to be alone. And those of us who choose to homeschool our children have days that we watch the neighbors board the bus with a wistfulness we try to hide.

It’s life.

And, it’s okay.

Whatever we do, we need to remember that Pinterest, blogs and bloggers, co-op leaders, teachers, librarians, executives, authors, speakers… Everyone is doing the best they can do. And those that share their lives with others are giving us the most inspirational they’ve got, in their own unique way. They just want to encourage you and me to be the best we can be.

I’m the mom of several gifted kids, two of whom are twice-exceptional. I struggle daily, just like you do with yours. Battles of wills, underachievement, lack of motivation, intensity, and all I write about… they’re alive and hauntingly present throughout my days, too.

I write, not because I’m doing it all right and perfect, but because I know there are others like me out there, struggling too. I have background knowledgebut I am just as in need of the daily encouragement as you are as we parent tough kids day in and day out while loving them — even when they’re hard to love.

My dishes pile up, tempers flare, and toys get broken, stepped on, and lost.

Moms - we're all in this together via

We’re in this together, moms. Don’t compare your worst to another mom’s public best.

Take the inspiration and support from the outside knowing full well that that mom has struggles you’ll never know about. And, frankly, she probably thinks you’re doing things way better than she ever can.

Moms, you are perfect for YOUR children, whether you’re a crafter, calm, nice, a morning person, a night owl, a science nerd, a bookworm, shy, outgoing, or whatever. Moms – YOU are what YOUR child needs most in this world.

Be confident in that and know you’re awesome.

YOU are amazing…and wonderful…and a blessing.

YOU amaze me.