Fabulous Outdoor Play Spaces

Fabulous Outdoor Play Spaces

Getting kids outside and in the fresh air is so important throughout the year. It can be hard in the winter, but once spring hits, there are no more excuses. Get those kiddos {and yourself } outside with these fun and imaginative outdoor play spaces.

Fabulous Outdoor Play Spaces

Whatever you do, your kids {young and old} will have a blast. And, they’ll be healthier, happier, and more tired out, too.

10 Fabulous Outdoor Play Spaces to Create for Your Kids

Building a sunflower house should be on everyone’s must-do list, along with reading the great Eve Bunting’s Sunflower House picture book.

My daughters are clamoring to build a fairy garden, and this fairy garden table might be exactly what our backyard needs. Wouldn’t you love one of your own?

I adore this willow den tutorial, and know that almost any child would find all sorts of adventures that center around this simple outdoor play structure.

This natural outdoor play space would keep kids of all ages occupied and out in the yard all day, all spring and summer long.

Instead of a sandbox in your yard, consider a play garden instead. This version would be so fun for most any toddler. I think my little one might need something like this with plenty of room for his dump trucks and construction vehicles.

Fabulous Outdoor Play Spaces

Do you have access to old tires? This is such a fun outdoor play space with so much room for open-ended play.

If you don’t have a lot of space, you could bring some outdoor play spaces inside or onto your balcony with these fun, imaginative grass boxes. Add some small animals and you have an easy-to-make small world play box.

Gardening is a great way to incorporate learning with outdoor play spaces. Try any one of these six gardening adventures for kids.

Another fun small world gardening box for kids – this one perfect for toobs of frogs, turtles, or even playmobil or lego figures. Make sure you add the drainage holes, and this one can keep your kids busy all summer.

Give your kids’ playhouse a garden of its own in your backyard this summer. We’ve done this a few times now, with different results every year, but the kids always love having their own bit of earth to work.

Fabulous Outdoor Play Spaces

Do you have a great outdoor play space idea to share? Leave your ideas in the comments or share the link over on our Facebook page so others can give it a try.

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