"Why should we bother learning all of this stuff?" Do your kids ever complain to you that they'll never use the things you're teaching them?

Dive into the profiles, experiments, and activities in this book and they'll never have a reason to ask you that again.

They'll know exactly what they can do when they grow up!

Real-Life Science Mysteries is the book you've been looking for to breathe new life into your science curriculum!

Real-Life Science Mysteries puts an exciting new spin on scientific thinking by profiling real-life scientists!

From a biologist studying the habits of garter snakes in Manitoba, Canada, to a landscape designer and greenhouse owner in Ohio, the scientists in this book share information and solutions to the thorniest problems they face in their scientific careers.

With the more than 20 mysteries posed in Real-Life Science Mysteries, kids will try solving common science problems and performing experiments while learning about real people from diverse backgrounds, all of whom share a love for discovering how things work, why things work, and how they can work better.

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