Shine Bright with Healthy Snack Options from Edy’s


Edys Outshine Bars are a great healthy snack option #shop #RealFruitBars #cbias

Edys Outshine Bars are a great healthy snack option #shop #RealFruitBars #cbias


Healthy snacks are a MUST here in the Kessler household. Seriously… are we the only ones whose kids need to eat something all.the.time? I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to test Edy’s Outshine frozen fruit bars.

What could be better than frozen treats?

I just love the Outshine motto, “Don’t just snack, snack brighter.” And they DO make the day brighter. These all fruit healthy snacks make my kids {and their smiles} shine as soon as they see me head to the freezer.


Edys Outshine Bars are a great healthy snack option #shop #RealFruitBars #cbias


Since I really want my kids to eat well, I try to avoid most of the prepackaged {and “kid-friendly”} snacks that are on the market. That’s not to say I don’t buy convenience foods – I do. But, I limit them to ones whose ingredients I can pronounce and understand. And I never want food dyes if I can avoid them.

My kids do not do well with artificial colors.

Even better, Outshine Fruit Bars are an excellent source of Vitamin C and are made with real fruit and no high fructose corn syrup.

We are an exceptionally busy homeschool family that is always on the go. In fact, some weeks it seems tough to fit “school time” in at home since there is always something to get to. This week alone we’ve had co-op, Little Flowers girls club, a museum class, flute lessons, and a friend over for the day.


Edys Outshine Bars are a great healthy snack option #shop #RealFruitBars #cbias


When we make healthy food choices, we feel better and our brains work brighter. Outshine Fruit Bars are an easy go-to snack to have on hand year-round because they’re a popsicle-like treat that appeals to kids of all ages – all the time – and they appeal to moms with their ingredients.

Just last night, my kids sprawled out to read while eating Outshine Fruit Bars. Logan enjoyed hers in a bubble bath. {And I enjoyed mine while writing some blog posts.}




Do your kids enjoy frozen snacks throughout the year? What are their favorites?