The Calm Before the Chaos: My Morning Coffee



Coffee is a big part of my life. Really big. Especially my morning coffee.

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you’ve seen my late-afternoon posts about brewing another pot, needing my coffee, or the pleasure of a new mug. It’s just life to me.



The Calm Before the Chaos Morning Coffee #coffeejourneys #cbias #ad



My #coffeejourneys began when I was a little girl. My dad drank coffee all the time. And I wanted to sit and enjoy it with him.

So, I’d pull out a battered mug and he’d fill it up with milk, and splash a bit of coffee into it – just enough to give it a different color and a slight coffee flavor. And we’d sit and sip together.

My kids know how much I love coffee, and often surprise me with sweet notes and a mug on my nightstand.



The Calm Before the Chaos Morning Coffee #coffeejourneys #cbias #ad



Now, coffee means calm to me…

  • It’s a chance to wake slowly in the morning while chaos reigns around me.
  • It’s hospitality when a friend stops by and I brew another pot to enjoy together while the kids play.
  • It’s connections long and strong – when my best friend and I are able to break away from the constant running that parenting preteens is, and enjoy a cup together at our favorite local haunt.

The Calm Before the Chaos Morning Coffee #coffeejourneys #cbias #ad


When the chance to try brewing Millstone® Breakfast Blend coffee in a new Mr. Coffee® Optimal Brew™  10-cup Thermal Coffee Maker was presented through my work with #cbias, I jumped at the chance. Like many homeschool moms out there, I sip and reheat my coffee all throughout the day.


The Calm Before the Chaos Morning Coffee #coffeejourneys #cbias #ad


While a warm cup of coffee is inviting and centering at any point and from any coffeemaker, I have to admit that the experience is enhanced when one can pour hot from the thermal carafe hours after brewing a pot.

Especially since my day can be a little chaotic at times.


The Calm Before the Chaos Morning Coffee #coffeejourneys #cbias #ad


This is the best coffee maker; it brewed my Millstone® coffee in less than seven minutes, and kept it piping hot for hours. It has been such a blessing to use these products over the last few weeks, and they were super-easy to find at Walmart.



The Calm Before the Chaos Morning Coffee #coffeejourneys #cbias #ad 1



And, I’m thrilled to share that I have another bag of Millstone® coffee and a gorgeous Mr. Coffee® Optimal Brew™ 10-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker to giveaway to one lucky reader! I know that there are many of you out there that are as, um, into coffee as I am.

Simply enter in the Rafflecopter form below.

But first, tell me about your own #coffeejourney. What does coffee mean to you? How does it add to the special moments in your life?


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