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I’m well-acquainted with the labor and delivery department at our local hospital and have had my share of amazing, and not so great experiences. And, I’m thankful that iConnect and Pampers have given me the chance to share about one of the amazing L & D nurses I’ve been fortunate enough to meet. I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions are 100% mine, and it’s important to share great stories of great people.

A Moment of Kindness - Nurses Matter #ThankYouNurses


I was scared almost my whole pregnancy with Molly. Since delivering Trevor, I’d had two miscarriages and a twin molar pregnancy that ended in a year of chemotherapy and not knowing if I’d ever be able to conceive, let alone carry to term, another pregnancy.

When my water broke and we got Trevor settled with relatives, I sat in the car clutching Brian’s hand on the drive to the hospital, trying to calm myself down. It had been, despite my fears, a textbook pregnancy.

But I was still worried.

All the loss and the chemo side effects and the five years in between the two births was too much, and I couldn’t focus on the beautiful life that I was about to meet – I could only think about all the things that could go wrong.

I’d been so sick over the last few years, and I was afraid…

A Moment of Kindness - Nurses Matter #ThankYouNurses


Of course, things slowed down once we got settled into the hospital, and we knew it would be awhile before our sweet Molly joined us. So, Brian met his brother out for dinner and I tried to nap.

But I couldn’t.

I just sat up in the bed and thought. And thought. And thought. Do you ever get stuck inside your own head, and struggle to find a way out? That’s where I was when Barbara came into my room to check my progress. She asked how I was doing, and my eyes filled.

And I spilled it all out, telling her how scared I was that chemo had done something to my body, and how I shouldn’t have had more children because what if I’d damaged them because of it. That I was terrified that something would go wrong during delivery and I lose this baby, too. This one that I had prayed for over the past five years. This one that I’d held on to when four others were taken too soon to be considered anything other than “medical issues” to anyone but me.

Barbara stopped what she was doing and sat down next to me, took my hand, and prayed. She didn’t know anything else about me, other than the fears I’d just dumped onto her, and yet she prayed for me, for baby, and for a peaceful and safe delivery. She held onto me, and told me that she’d be there for me during the delivery.

And she was.

She held my hand the entire time I pushed, and she cried with us when Molly let out her first cry. She helped me get my sweet miracle baby latched on for her first feeding, and made me comfortable in my postpartum room.

A Moment of Kindness - Nurses Matter #ThankYouNurses


When she left for the evening, she came in to tell me goodbye and that she’d continue to pray for us. She was leaving for vacation with her family the next day, so I wouldn’t see her again.

I wish that I’d followed up with her to tell her how much that first moment meant to me. The moment she stopped what she was doing to minister to a terrified young mom. Years later, I know how precious that gift was.

I tell my kids every single day that their most important job is to be kind. Kindness always wins. It what has the power to bring people together and make the ordinary, extraordinary.

Nurses are special.

They matter.

They see the best and the worst, and yet they give all they can on every shift they work. They care for the sick, dying, and the brand new lives among us. They rejoice and mourn with their patients. Day after day after day.

They’re kind – even when a patient doesn’t deserve it. Nurses are the embodiment of Grace.

A Moment of Kindness - Nurses Matter #ThankYouNurses


I’m so proud to share with you Pampers invitation to thank a nurse who has made an impact on you by nominating someone for the Thank You Nurses Awards in one of three categories: Labor & Delivery, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Postpartum. Share your stories and nominate a nurse that has made your (or your baby’s) life better before December 14th. (See details and official rules at spr.ly/6181BPvMF. Winner must be a resident of the US or Puerto Rico, 18 years or older. Nomination period ends 12/14/15 at 3PM EST.)

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Take some time to think about the special nurses that have impacted your life – and let them know. Spread some kindness. Tell people when they touch your life and make a difference.

Kindness wins.

Share your stories in the comments if you have the chance. I’d love to hear about the amazing men and women who have made a difference, and shown kindness, to you and your babies.

A Moment of Kindness - Nurses Matter #ThankYouNurses