When Your Child Has a Fever - Tips for Helping Kids Feel Better #FightFever #ad

When Your Child Has a Fever | Tips for Helping Kids Feel Better

I like to have lots of tools in my arsenal to help my kids feel better when they’re unwell, so I’m looking forward to sharing some of my favorite fever-fighting tips in this article, sponsored by #CollectiveBias and its advertiser. All of the thoughts and opinions are mine. #FightFever

First though, remember that not all fevers are bad. They stink, and when your child has a fever, he’s pathetic, but that fever he has is doing important work. It’s fighting some kind of infection, and when parents spend time getting rid of it, they just might be focusing on the wrong thing.

When Your Child Has a Fever - Tips for Helping Kids Feel Better #FightFever #ad


But it doesn’t mean you can’t make your kids more comfortable.

I like to keep a collection of things handy to help me ease and comfort my kiddos on feverish days. I know that I can pull some thing out to make them happier, or at least ease them a bit while their bodies do the work they’re meant to do.


What to do When Your Child Has a Fever

A rising temperature in a child who is under the weather is not a reason to head straight to the ER. Fevers mean that a child’s body is fighting off whatever virus or bacteria has gotten in, and is working hard to kick start the healing process. Remember, though, I’m not a doctor – just a mama with four kids who has an understanding of how their little bodies work. Do not read this (or any other blog post) in place of seeking medical advice from your doctor. Here’s what I suggest, though…

Try distraction before you attempt to reduce a normal fever.


Cuddle Up

We have a special afghan that we pull out when anyone is feeling off. Years ago, when I was going through chemotherapy, an online community I was a part of (remember listservs?) pitched in to make it for me. It’s beautifully mismatched because each member who could crochet or knit made a square, and the organizer combined them all.

We all feel better when snuggled underneath it – especially if Mom, Dad, or a sibling snuggles up with us.

When Your Child Has a Fever - Tips for Helping Kids Feel Better #FightFever #ad

Stream a Little Bit of Fun

We adore our Netflix subscription, and have found some great shows for family movie nights, throwback fun for mom and dad, and relief from sick days for the kids. Put aside your own to-dos, and snuggle up for some good television with your sick guy or gal. You’ll both appreciate the downtime.


Read a Good Book

We love books, and finally had to start buying eBooks to keep on the various Kindles and iPads in the house because we were running out of book cases. But, there are some fun books that the kids pull out when they’re not feeling well and need something else to think about. Sticker books, Beverly Cleary books, and Horrible Histories are some of their current favorites.

My kids love to read on their own, but when they’re sick we sometimes all read together or I read aloud. There’s so much to gain from a good book.

When Your Child Has a Fever - Tips for Helping Kids Feel Better #FightFever #ad

Give Them a Bath

You’ll find various thoughts on this, but I know I always feel better when I’m sick if I have the chance to soak in a warm bath. Make sure the water temperature isn’t going to overheat or chill your little one, though. My kids love it when I drop some lavender oil into the water to calm them down and help them relax.

Keep Them Hydrated

It’s important to keep your kids hydrated when they’re feverish because it’ll help their bodies do their job. We keep a crockpot of perpetual bone broth going in the kitchen during the fall and winter to use in soups, stews, gravies, and to have on hand for kids and adults to drink with a dash of sea salt as an immunity booster. It’s concentrated nutrition and hydration, and packs a powerful punch for your little one’s health.

When Your Child Has a Fever - Tips for Helping Kids Feel Better #FightFever #ad


Use Over the Counter Help

When the fever just won’t get lower, or my kids need a little bit of relief, I turn to the standby I’ve used since my oldest was tiny – Children’s Advil®. This time of the year, Walgreens often has fever reducers like Children’s Advil® on sale, and we stock up. Check out the pain reliever aisle when you’re there next.

When Your Child Has a Fever - Tips for Helping Kids Feel Better #FightFever #ad


We prefer Children’s Advil® in the dye-free varieties (I love that they offer that option), but we were there last weekend and snagged a two-pack of grape flavored instead because the deal was too good to pass up.

I love that there are so many safe and effective options to help our kids feel better when they’re struggling with fevers and other illnesses. Remember to be smart and pay attention to your own child’s cues. There’s no substitute for common sense, and that precious little one is depending on you.

What are some of your favorite ways for fighting fevers? I’d love to hear them – leave me a note in the comments.

When Your Child Has a Fever - Tips for Helping Kids Feel Better #FightFever #ad