Junior Explorers Animal Science Subscription for Kids

Animal Science Subscription for Kids

There are so many great options when it comes to enriching and homeschooling our children these days. I especially love having activity kits and subscription boxes on hand for those days I need something extra or to pull out when the kids want to learn more about something.

And, subscriptions for kids have come a long way from the magazines and puzzle books I received in the mail when I was a child, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to check out the new Junior Explorer kit {I was given a free sample of the Arctic mission kit and compensated for my time, but all opinions are mine}.


Junior Explorers Animal Science Subscription for Kids


I’m picky, though, when it comes to my kids.

If I’m going to spend the money on a subscription for kids, it needs to be worth it. And, when a busy homeschool mom of four inquisitive and bright kids considers worth, she wants it to be fun and educational – something her kids look forward to, but can do double duty and teach a lesson or two.

The Junior Explorers Mission Arctic fit in with those goals perfectly.


What is the Junior Explorers Science Subscription for Kids?

The Junior Explorers Science Subscription for kids is a monthly mail-order kit that takes kids on adventures to explore different habitats found on the planet and solve a mystery in nature with their guides, Kia and Kyle.

What sets the Junior Explorers subscription apart from other programs is that it combines the tactile experience of the activity sheets, postcards and miniature animals with the digital component kids love. They have a top secret mission kit arrive in the mail that triggers hands-on learning that is extended via a computer experience.


Junior Explorers Animal Science Subscription for Kids

What Was Included in the Junior Explorers Kit?

Our Junior Explorers science kit came with a fabulously fun array of items. It included:

  • a letter to the kids explaining the mission.
  • a checklist of things to do to complete the mission.
  • miniature animal collectibles.
  • a wristband.
  • a button.
  • a full-color, double-sided fact sheet.
  • animal fact cards.
  • postcards to encourage children to share their learning with friends and family.
  • stickers and temporary tattoos.

In addition to the elements that came in the envelope, the kids were able to carry their learning onto the computer, solve a mission, and play some games.

What We Thought About the Junior Explorers Science Subscription for Kids

Overall, all of the kids enjoyed this subscription, and we’re considering purchasing it for the remainder of the year. They learned a ton about the animals and their arctic habitat. I thought both the fact sheet and animal cards did a great job of giving the kids background knowledge before tackling their mission, and once they got on the computer, the learning continued.

I wish the program had a narrator, though. It’s designed for kids aged 6-11, and while most kids in that age-range can read, the reading level is well above those at the younger end of the age span, and for struggling readers, it would be discouraging. There is also a lot of text on some of the pages, and my seven year old, who is a great reader, became frustrated and just wanted that part to end.

The program teaches a great deal about the arctic and its animals, and shares lovely photos along with the illustrated images. It was fun to see what the habitat actually looked like.


Junior Explorers Animal Science Subscription for Kids

Who Should Subscribe to the Juniors Explorers Science Subscription for Kids?

If you are a homeschool mom who is looking for a way to supplement your child’s science program, this is a great option for you. If you have an animal lover in your house, you should check this out.

A word of caution – when I first checked this out and saw that there was an online component, I assumed it was more of a game that the kids could play over and over again. It’s not. It’s a mission to solve with games and activities – on and offline – to do along the way. The whole thing from start to finish take a few hours.

That’s not a bad thing. It’s completely worth it, in my opinion, because the learning is excellent and the kids loved it. But it’s worth noting.


Junior Explorers Animal Science Subscription for Kids

If you want to add a fun and educational component to your little one’s homeschool, I suggest you check out Junior Explorers. When you sign up, use the code HS50 to receive 50% off your first month.


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